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Choosing a gift for a baby shower can be confusing and time-consuming, especially if you yourself don’t have kids. Why are strollers so expensive? How many onesies is too many? What if you get a bottle warmer but the mom decides to breastfeed? To help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of unique yet useful baby shower gift ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

Before we dive into the list, we want to emphasize that it is really, truly okay — and even preferable! — to buy a gift off the registry instead of going rogue, especially if you don’t know the parents well or know what items they already have on hand. Plus, if you see a really expensive item on the list that’s out of your price range, you can coordinate with other people to split the cost and give the parents a super nice stroller or crib that would be too great for any individual budget.

Basically, always check the registry first to make sure that you’re not getting a duplicate item that someone has already claimed or that the parents don’t really need. From cute baby girl clothes to personalized gifts, here are eight ideas that you should definitely consider the next time you’re invited to a baby shower:

1. Personalized Baby Items

By the time the shower rolls around, most parents will probably have opted to find out the gender of their coming baby and picked out a name for them. If you know the name, then getting a personalized baby item — such as a monogrammed swaddle blanket or an engraved picture frame — is sure to go over well at the shower. Check to see if any items on the baby registry offer personalization. There’s a good chance that at least some of them will. If you don’t know the name of the baby yet, skip this idea in favor of some of the other gift ideas on this list.

2. Keepsakes for Baby

There are many different ways that new parents can record a baby’s first milestones, from keeping a first-year journal to making a plaster cast of their infant’s hands and feet. Pick one that will suit the new parents’ interests and that won’t be too much work to fill out. For instance, if they like photography, get them a special scrapbook to fill out. If they’re big writers or fans of snail mail, get them a book full of “letters to my child” prompts.

3. Baby Clothes in Different Sizes

Babies grow at an astounding rate, and clothes that fit only a few months (or weeks!) ago will soon become too small. Many people love getting infant clothes meant especially for newborns for a shower, but it’s an awesome idea to get adorable baby girl clothes and cute baby boy clothes across a range of sizes up to 12 months. This way, the parents will have enough garments around to keep their baby clothed for months no matter how fast they grow.

4. Self-Care Gifts for Mom

Yes, we know that this is for a baby shower, but moms are often overlooked when it comes to shower gifts. Most new parents don’t have time for themselves after the birth, and the mom will no doubt appreciate already having self-care products on hand such as silk eye masks, bath bombs, luxurious robes for late-night nursing sessions and other self-care gifts. If you have the budget for it, you can get one gift for mom and another gift for baby to cover your bases.

5. Nursing Clothes

If your friend is planning to breastfeed, she’ll need a whole new wardrobe that allows her to nurse the baby without completely disrobing in public. Finding cute nursing clothes won’t be at the top of any new mom’s to-do list, so do the work for her and get her some nursing-compatible clothes that are still cute and flattering. Do be careful with nursing bras, though. It’s hard to know what her new bra size will be until her milk comes in, so whatever bra you get might not fit. When in doubt, get a gift card. Even if you’re pretty certain about your choice, ask for a gift receipt anyways so she can exchange it if need be.

6. Postpartum Care Gifts

Nobody, even moms who have already given birth and know what’s coming, wants to think about postpartum care. Maternity briefs, sitz baths and other things simply aren’t fun or glamorous — which is why a postpartum care gift set is the perfect baby shower present. It may not be the most exciting thing to open in the moment, but trust us, the new mom will be incredibly grateful to have it on hand once she comes home from the hospital.

7. Meal or Cleaning Service

Everything falls by the wayside when you bring a new baby home, and that includes preparing fresh meals and keeping the house clean. New parents will definitely appreciate a gift certificate for a meal delivery or cleaning service to help out with basic home tasks they may not have the energy or the time for. Even if relatives are temporarily coming into town to help, they will eventually have to go back to their lives, and being able to have a meal or maid service to fall back on can be a huge help to get through those first few months.

8. Pregnancy or Newborn Photoshoot

Babies grow up fast, and documenting either the pregnancy or their first weeks with a professional photoshoot is a great way to capture these fleeting moments. Not everyone wants to spend money on such an expense, especially if it’s their first child and they are already having to buy a lot of things. New parents will treasure this gift forever.

What baby shower gifts have you given (or received) that were absolutely awesome? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading.


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