It’s been a long time since I chatted about my skin on here, 21 months to be precise! So much has changed since then so I thought it was about time I updated you. Spoiler alert, it’s a pretty positive update on my medication – Lymecycline! I really hope that this post gives you some advice and tips on how to deal with adult acne.

In my last blog post, which you can read here I explain how long I had had adult acne for, what I had tried so far and also talked about the medication I had just started taking. At that point I think I’d only been taking my medication for a couple of weeks, so I hadn’t seen much of a difference yet. Unfortunately my mental health took a total nose dive at the end of 2018 and due to my anxiety I stopped taking the medication. I’m planning to write a separate post about anxiety so I won’t go into the details here, but essentially I felt like the medication was making me worse so I stopped taking it.

Fast forward a year and I was in a much better place, so I went back to my GP and was prescribed the same medication again – Lymecycline and Finacea. I remembered from last time that the Finacea just dried my skin out and made it look worse, so I made the decision not to use that. But I did take the Lymecycline every single day without fail. In terms of side effects, I honestly didn’t notice any so definitely don’t let that put you off.

You can read more about the medication Lymecycline on the NHS website.


Two months in and I wasn’t seeing much of a difference, it was very slow progress indeed. It took until about three months before I really started to see an improvement. At this point I had a review with my GP who confirmed that it can take months for Lymecycline to really start to work, which was reassuring. She advised me to stay on the medication for another three months before coming off it.

Over the next three months my skin was the best it’s been in years. I did get the odd outbreak, don’t get me wrong but it was a million times better than it was. When it came to finishing the medication I was honestly terrified that my acne was going to come straight back but I’m pleased to say that it hasn’t! It’s been over three months since I stopped taking the medication and I’ve had the odd hormonal outbreak but the vast majority of the time my skin is clear and I’m so pleased! I’m also reassured that if my acne does come back again, I know that I can go straight back to Lymecycline as I know now that it does work for me.

Below is a my skin at it’s worst and then how it is now. So much better, don’t you think?


I do still have some scarring but I think that is fading very gradually. Maybe I’ll be stuck with some of the scars forever but as long as I don’t have to deal with those painful cystic spots anymore, I’m happy. If you’ve had any success with products for acne scars please do let me know.

So if you’re suffering with adult acne I would urge you to visit your GP and give medication a try, Lymecycline may not necessarily work for you but your doctor will help you to find something that does. I just accepted my spots for so long and smothered them in foundation every single day but I really didn’t need to do that, I just needed to ask for help. If you’re starting out on Lymecycline my advice would be to stick with it and be patient. It doesn’t work overnight but don’t let that put you off, stick it out. Good luck!

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Derek
    November 4, 2020 / 11:03 pm

    I have only just been prescribed this medication…

    I am 36 (male) and have suffered with acne since I was 14. I seemed to have went through all different kinds of Acne. Anything from little spots under the skin, white spots and over the last few years, huge (I mean huge) cysts. They are incredibly painful and make me (I’m just going to say it) upset. It gets me down and for the last few days I have been wearing a cap to try and hide the one I currently have. It’s absolutely huge and I just don’t understand how over the last few weeks, it seems to be getting even worse.

    I have been taking the same medication for around 2/3weeks now. It’s nice to come across thus review to give me some kind of idea of timescale and expectation level.

    It’s really getting to me, to be honest.

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