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Here’s your official reminder that Father’s Day is almost upon us!

It’s a day to celebrate everything your father does for you and show him how much he means with the perfect gift.

If you’ve exhausted all your gift ideas over the last few years and are looking for something a little bit more special than a ‘soap-and-shave’ kit or a box of chocolates – we’re here to help!

Here’s our list of go-to Fathers’ Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank but are guaranteed to put a smile on your Dad’s face.

When All Else Fails, Beer!

A few gifts always seem to hit the mark on Father’s Day, and one of these is beer. It may seem like an easy gift option, but beer actually has a lot of personality outside of your traditional can of larger.

A can of beer can actually say a lot more than you think. You could give your fun-loving Dad some cans of tropical mango IPA or get your alcohol-free Dad some low percentage beer so he can enjoy the taste he loves without the alcohol. You could even throw in some velvety stouts from a local brewery or a boozy DIPA for the dads who love to drink.

Well-known brands like Innis and Gunn are now offering a range of refreshing and hoppy IPAs, putting new twists on the beer your Dad already knows and loves.

Experience Is Everything

Not all gifts have to come wrapped up with a bow – you can treat the Dad who already has everything to the day out of his dreams.

Experiences don’t have to be expensive; you could arrange a picnic at his favourite outdoor spot and bring all the grandkids, or take him on a pub crawl through his closest town and buy him a beer at each spot.

If you’re willing to stretch the price point a bit, for the outdoorsy Dad you could treat him to an adventure course day, something like zip-lining or a Segway Safari through the woods. You could take this even further with a camping trip or cabin stay, offering your adventurous Dad some quality time and an escape into nature.

For the Dad who loves to be in the kitchen, a cooking course could be fun. Numerous places in the UK offer cooking courses for solo people (if Dad would rather have some quiet time) or family cooking classes, to encourage everyone to spend time together making nourishing dishes and expanding their palates.

‘Everyday’ Gifts

Sometimes the gifts we think are the most boring are actually the gifts people enjoy the most. Something like a good frying pan seems like a totally boring gift, but it’s actually something you find yourself using and appreciating every day – it might even remind you of the person who gifted it to you when you’re using it.

The same philosophy goes for things like socks and scarves – they seem boring, but they could actually become a valued part of Dad’s everyday routine.

For the modern Dad, you could take a techy route and grab your Dad a nice laptop stand or Ipad case. These things make every day a bit easier and are little things he’ll appreciate as he goes about his daily routine.

A cigar and beverage hamper

If you want an unusual and unique gift for your husband or father, you can consider surprising them with a hamper with a cigar and a beverage. A quality Cuban cigar with a glass of wine or cognac will provide your celebrant with a cozy and relaxing time after a workday. How to choose and pair them? You should consider his taste and opt for the type that will please him the most. A milder type from Partagas cigars, for example, can be well paired with Irish or Canadian whiskey or Bourbon, which is the go-to drink of choice to pair with cigars. As for wine lovers, you can take Cohiba Genios Maduro to pair with red wines, and Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill to pair with white wines.

A Plant and Party

Dads are lucky enough to be celebrated in summer – so use this to your advantage. If your Dad is an outside-sort-of-guy – the type of guy who is always mowing the lawn and doing something complicated to the tree, then why not get him some nice new gardening gear?

Better yet, get him plants! There’s nothing more satisfying for a gardener than seeing something grow from a sprout to something big and beautiful – so why not get him a sapling or some starter plants. In years to come, he can look back at them and remember the Father’s Day that they were planted – there’s a lovely sense of legacy and memory in growing something.

If you’re lucky enough to get some good sunny weather, try having your fathers day celebrations outside. Nothing beats a chilled out, sunny day in the garden, so fire up the grill and get some snacks sizzling for Dad. Crack open a cold drink and let him relax for a bit. It’s an easy way to impress a laid-back dad on his special day.

It’s All About Dad

The most important thing to remember is that Father’s Day celebrates the bond between father and child (however that may look for you). Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make your Dad feel special and give him something back for everything he does for you. However, a lot of the time, just taking some time off to visit or call your Dad will mean just as much as the perfect present.

Thank you for reading.




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