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Every April 22, we celebrate Earth Day all over the world. This global event offers opportunities to learn, reflect, and take action for our planet. While there are many ways to do this, private whale watching San Diego is one of the most unique. Enjoy an up-close and personal look at San Diego Bay and the magnificent creatures that call it home.

Why Celebrate Earth Day at Sea

When you think about the environment, what usually comes to mind? Perhaps you picture tree-filled forests, a majestic mountain landscape, or entire ecosystems in balanced harmony. The air, soil, plants, and other organisms play vital roles. But none of this would exist without water — and that’s where oceans come into play. A few fascinating facts demonstrate their importance:

• Oceans cover 71% of the planet’s surface, holding around 96.5% of its water supply.
• Our planet’s waters formed 3.8 billion years ago, after its surface cooled below waters boiling point.
• Between 50% and 80% of Earth’s oxygen is produced by marine life.
• Humans have discovered more than 242,500 marine species.
• At least 80% of our oceans haven’t been mapped or explored.
• Scientists estimate that up to 10 million marine-dwelling species remain to be discovered.

With the oceans contributing so much to life on our planet, celebrating Earth Day at sea makes perfect sense. Besides seeing its beauty up close, you get a rare opportunity to watch marine life in action — including gray and humpback whales.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is a fun way to spend Earth Day! Imagine the excitement of watching a massive humpback jump out of the water. Not every whale watching moment is as dramatic: There’s the quiet awe you may feel seeing an entire pod swim by in the distance.

April is a perfect time to catch a view of these marvelous animals. Gray whales frequent the bay area between December and April. Humpbacks begin to appear in March, passing through the bay until December.

Whales belong in the oceans, their natural habitat. A San Diego private yacht charter allows you to see them as never before. With endless square miles of ocean around, you can see them at their most authentic.

While whale watching in San Diego Bay, you may want to reflect on their place in our local ecosystem. Like any other animal, whales must eat and then release waste products. When they do this, their waste fertilizes the microscopic phytoplankton that absorbs CO2 right from our atmosphere.

Sailing & More for Earth Day

We’re fortunate to live near a natural harbor like the San Diego Bay. Besides fueling the local economy, the bay is integral to continuing the cycle of life. Whales help perpetuate that cycle, eating smaller organisms and providing phytoplankton with essential nutrients.

Beyond the basic science, whale watching is an extraordinary way to spend Earth Day. While aboard a chartered yacht, you can see other magnificent marine animals like dolphins and sea lions. Before you book your event, check out some Next Level sailing reviews to learn more.

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