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Christmas 2017

So that’s Christmas over with and I hope you all had a fantastic time! I thought that I would share what gifts I got for Christmas as I absolutely love seeing what other people got.

You can see what I got last Christmas in this post

My favourite gift this year has to be my eternity ring from James. I have been hinting at one for a while now and he finally bought me one! Sadly it’s a little bit too big so we need to exchange it for a smaller size or have it resized. But I love it and I am so pleased with it. It’s very similar to my wedding ring, and I’m not sure what order you’re supposed to wear your engagement, wedding and eternity rings in but I like how they look with my engagement ring in-between the two similar rings.

James also bought me a fabulous Basset Hound jumper and slippers from Joules which I am so excited about! There was definitely a Basset Hound theme to this years gifts as my mum also bought us a Basset Hound 2018 calendar as well as a gift bag with a Basset Hound on!

I always like to ask for Lush bath stuff for Christmas and my birthday so that I’m pretty much stocked up for the year. James bought me a box full of goodies and I also got a couple of gift sets from family. I’ve received some of my all time favourites as well as some new ones that I am really looking forward to trying out.

Me and James got a few joint gifts too including a fantastic hamper from my mum, a few bottles of wine, Gordon’s pink gin and this M&S white Christmas cocktail, which we are both really excited to try.

You can see what else I got for Christmas in this video…

What did you get for Christmas this year?

Thank you for reading.