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birth announcement

*This is a guest article*

Congratulations! Finally, your blessed day has arrived, and an angel is here for your family. You are excited and can’t wait to announce it to the near and dear ones. Hold on! It’s a joyful moment! Why not make it splendid and memorable by making some birth announcement cards?

How to personalise baby announcement cards 

In traditional style, you can add the following features to the text written in baby announcement cards.

  • Add an exciting and welcoming line at the beginning. It can be including the baby’s name. For example, “ We welcome our son\daughter … the name…” you can use rhyme like  “ Twinkle, twinkle, little star. You don’t know, how lovely you are?
  • Full name of the little one with the name of the father of both the parents. Like “MR. AND Mrs. JOHN are excited to …” or “…are blessed with…” type of phrases.
  • Mention the date of the baby’s birth and place of birth.
  • Some people like to add the birthtime as well. But you can skip it if you are not comfortable sharing it.
  • You can mention the weight and length of the baby. But if you don’t want it to share, you can leave it.
  • The most exciting feature is the photograph of the baby. Every relative wants to see the newborn as soon as possible. It is the most desirable thing in birth announcement photo cards.

Different ideas for writing the birth announcements

Your joy is spilling out of your words. And everyone feels it with you by reading the lines. Let us express in unique ways

Funny style

Before announcing the birth you can add funny wordings like “ stealing our heart, we caught the cute thief welcome our ….” or “ escaped from the womb, her in my lap, welcome our …..” or “ my sleepless nights are starting with a new star…” “ new cheeks to love! ….”

Holiday special style

If your baby brights your life soon after or during the holidays you can write “ look what Santa has gifted us! Meet our….” or “ A Christmas gift of God! Welcome our ….” “ making our new year more special here is our gift! …”

Kids favorite style 

Using a Disney character or superhero image with the statement according to girls and boys is a unique idea to announce baby birth like “ meet our little Elsa!… or welcome our spider man!….

Sibling style of announcements

Write sentences that show the excitement of your children for their newborn brother or sister. And make it joyful too. “ brother/ sister of …. is here to join his\her party. Welcome …..”

Twins announcements

It can be more energetic and full of excitement announcement with the wordings. “Double the present, double the joy. welcome our sons\daughters …..”


The given ideas are just like a drop from the sea. The moment, when you receive tiny steps in your world, the words come out like a flood, and you sprinkle them on the birth announcement cards. All definitely can feel that shouting pleasure from your words, and images on that card.

Thank you for reading.