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migraines remedies

*This is a guest post*

When it comes to finding natural relief from migraines, many sufferers often feel discouraged from healthy alternatives as commercial solutions offer usually offer rapid relief. What makes a natural solution more difficult to pinpoint is that to do so you must first identify the cause of your migraines. So, why go through this effort when prescription medication seems to be effective and quick at solving the problem?

It may seem doubly bizarre to implement new routines like using essential oils to combat migraines, but conventional pharmaceutical measures carry more risk than we are usually aware of. One of the main problems is the almost universal use of opiates in prescription migraine medication. Codeine is the most popular ingredient used in what is colloquially known as migraine cocktails. The problem with this is that codeine is an opiate, in the same family as heroin, and metabolised into morphine, a little detail that makes it equally addictive and life-threatening.

As mentioned, the biggest challenge in finding a natural remedy is in understanding the cause of your migraine. There are many different reasons that people suffer from this affliction and to take a holistic approach, one must treat the cause of the problem along with the symptoms. The following will help you find migraine relief with essential oils and other natural solutions by helping you identify the root cause of the migraine.

Stress-Related Migraines

For stress-related migraines or tension headaches, the solution is quite simple. Many people doubt the efficacy of essential oils, but once you try peppermint oil for yourself, you won’t look back. Used topically and massaged into the upper neck it offers quick relief, acting on stress-related headaches and migraines alike.

Sinus-Related Migraines

One of the prominent common causes of migraines, treating sinus congestion directly offers more benefits than just mitigating the onset of related headaches and migraines. Sinus infections and postnasal drip can cause complications extending to severe bronchial infections. The solution is deceptively simple. Nasal rinsing with saline solution and a neti pot once a day is all you need to put a permanent stop to sinus related migraines.

Menopausal Migraines

Going through menopause can cause severe migraines. Often treated with string doses of opiates, the holistic solution simultaneously combats the migraines and helps your body cope with the hormonal changes it is undergoing. Phyto Soya is an isoflavonoid that acts as a natural compound in alleviating many of the side effects of menopause.

Dehydration Migraines

This is another deceptively precise cause of migraines and headaches. Many of us unwittingly subject our bodies to dehydration, particularly considering our high caffeine intake and your blood pressure. There is simply no realistic way to both account for coffee and drink enough water to satisfy our bodies’ requirements. Adding an electrolyte-rich supplement to your water is an easy and effective solution to the problem.

Blood Pressure Related Migraines

Let us start by saying that by no means should you treat high blood pressure in any way not discussed with and approved by your GP. That said, additionally treating your blood pressure with natural remedies can effectively decrease the probability of related migraines. Cayenne pepper has been clinically proven to regulate blood pressure. Pending the result of extended trials, it may be prescribed by professionals as an all in one solution soon.

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*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored article*