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Every year, when Mother’s Day or your mother’s birthday approaches, you ask yourself how to surprise that special person, how to make them feel unique and how to get it right. We often make the mistake of thinking of luxurious gifts, because who deserves it more than her? However, perhaps the key when we ask ourselves what to give is to try to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and find out what they would enjoy the most. In the case of mothers, this probably has a very clear answer: spend time with you.

For this reason, this year we invite you, instead of limiting yourself to a physical gift, to give her a beauty experience that you can enjoy hand in hand. An appointment with self-care that both of you will always carry in your memory and will go beyond a simple material element. There are many beauty centers that offer unique experiences that fit this concept, here are three options of such experiences, we leave the job of choosing to you.

Bioenergetic Massage

Is there anything more appetizing than a good massage? Many beauty centers such as mvbeautyart.com offer new oriental techniques that are based on Ayurvedic medicine. This traditional discipline tries to free the body and mind from physical and energetic blockages, as well as to restore emotional energy by reading the chakras. Specifically, this massage is executed through pressure with fingers and hands to stimulate specific points in different parts of the body to get rid of everything that is not useful to us and return the body to its optimal state.


There are professionals who will advise you at all times about the best treatment options for you while making you feel at home. Such is the case at where you can abandon yourselves to the senses through its spa manicure service, a sensory experience that will also leave you with beautiful hands. The treatment begins with a hand exfoliation and an almond milk bath. It is followed by an intense massage with almond oil and is finished with the enamel. The treatment lasts approximately one hour.

Eyelash lift

Make your mother’s life a little easier by letting her know about this treatment with which she will have movie eyelashes as soon as she wakes up, without the need for extensions. The eyelash lift consists of straightening, stretching and raising the natural eyelashes as much as possible so that you do not have to resort to the curler every day. With products that are 100% respectful of the skin and the ocular membrane and a revised protocol, even the smallest eyelashes are reached to achieve the goal of making them look longer and thicker.

As mentioned earlier there are several high standard beauty centres that perform these treatments so you could combine a trip with the gift, to make it a complete perfect experience!

Thank you for reading.


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