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*This is a guest article*

Sleep is a basic human need. Lack of sleep may result in decreased productivity levels, mental health problems, relationship issues, and others. Because sleep problems disrupt a person’s life, many people try various ways to improve sleep, including taking sleep aids, counselling, and using gemstones and crystals.

Gemstones and crystals are special stones that have been formed for many years because of the earth’s natural processes. With the weather, water, soil, and other environmental changes, various stones have been developed over many years since the planet’s existence. So, it’s not surprising that gemstones and crystals have been a part of human life from the very beginning.

So, how do you use gemstones and crystals for sleep? Learn from this helpful guide until the end to increase your understanding of the benefits and uses of gemstones and crystals in improving sleep.

How Crystals Work 

Crystals for sleep come in different types, origins, benefits, and uses. Carnelian bracelets, for example, are perfectly safe to wear while sleeping. In fact, many people believe that carnelian has protective and grounding properties, making it ideal for wearing during sleep. But to truly understand the meaning of carnelian crystal, you need to meditate with this stone and listen to its energy. But when did people start using gemstones and crystals?

Ancient people used gemstones and crystals as accessories for telepathic communication, meditation, and casting away evil spirits. Wearing amulets and talismans around the neck has been part of the medical practice of ancient cultures.

A renewed interest in gemstones and crystals has emerged in the New Age, with valuable uses and benefits in improving everyday life, such as sleep. Healing crystals are believed to be a form of alternative medicine or a part of personalized healing practices in the Western world, which are rooted in different beliefs and cultural traditions.

While lacking a scientific basis, crystals influence energy in the body and the environment. Based on science, gemstones and crystals don’t directly act upon the sleep cycle, hormones, and other physiological processes. Crystals are thought to offer a placebo effect, like Himalayan salt lamps, lucky charms, and others.

Types Of Crystals For Sleep  

What are the different gemstones and crystals used for improving sleep? It’s said that crystals identify the type of energy that works best with an individual’s personal needs and desires. For instance, if you want to cast your nightmares away, the gemstones and crystals you need differ from those suitable to help you fall asleep more easily.

Below are some examples of gemstones to help improve sleep:

  • Amethyst
  • Angelite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Celestite
  • Citrine
  • Clear Quartz
  • Hematite
  • Howlite
  • Green Aventurine
  • Lepidolite
  • Moonstone
  • Rose Quartz
  • Silver Sheen Obsidian
  • Smoky Quartz
How to Use Crystals for Sleep 

People who have experienced insomnia or sleep problems can say that obtaining a good night’s sleep is similar to winning the lottery jackpot prize. Just imagine the possible consequences of not getting enough sleep, such as poor work performance, depression, and some even have suicidal tendencies.

Check out the different ways to use crystals for sleep below:

  • Place Crystals Under Your Pillow 

One of the best ways to make crystals work is to place them under your pillow. Crystals can provide soothing vibrations if you’re not getting good quality rest and sleep. They can get rid of stress by helping you attain a deep sense of relaxation and calmness.

The best crystals to place under the pillow include the following:

  • Amethyst 

This beautiful purple stone is one of the most sought-after crystals for enhancing sleep as it’s thought to reduce stress, relaxing the body and mind. It’s connected to the crown chakra, improving focus and intuition. When placed under the pillow, small amethyst tumbled stones promote serene and deep sleep to stop nightmares and eliminate negative energies.

  • Citrine  

This beautiful yellow crystal symbolizes happiness, wealth, and enthusiasm. Sleepers can place this gemstone under the pillow to boost a good night’s sleep. Aside from that, this crystal attracts money, making it highly beneficial for business owners.

  • Lepidolite 

Lepidolite contains naturally occurring lithium and is often called the ‘Stone of Transition’ or the ‘Peace Stone’. This lavender-pink mineral gemstone is believed to be capable of realigning a person’s third eye chakra to help restore healthy sleep.

According to some beliefs, lepidolite has something to do with influencing the brain waves in deep sleep. It’s usually used as medicine to treat depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. This crystal helps reduce headaches, promotes self-love, and boosts the mood.

  • Rose Quartz 

The love stone, rose quartz, helps nurture energies when placed under your pillow. As you sleep, you’ll absorb soothing, peaceful energies from the crystal, providing positive vibrations and gentle dreams. Rose quartz also promotes romance, passion, and love during bedtime.

  • Hang Crystals In Your Bedroom 

Hanging crystals from the ceiling is also a good idea to drive negative energies away from your bedroom. You can use yarn or string if the crystal isn’t too heavy.

Some of the crystals you can hang in your bedroom to improve relaxation and sleep include the following:

  • Green Aventurine 

This stone of prosperity can be put under the pillow or hung using a string, yarn, or other hanging material. It neutralizes electromagnetic smog from gadgets and appliances in the bedroom.

Also, this stone has a connection to the heart chakra, healing and opening the heart. Green aventurine signifies abundance, reminding you about your financial, career, and major life goals before you sleep and once you get up in the morning.

  • Smoky Quartz 

Do you feel anxious or depressed at night? Smoky quartz promotes positive thoughts, relieves stress, brings emotional calmness, and eradicates night terrors and vivid nightmares. It’s also a great grounding stone, neutralizing negative vibrations and protecting you against the electromagnetic pollution of electronic devices.

Smoky quartz is a translucent brownish-grey or dark black variety of quartz. You can sleep with this gemstone or hang it in your bedroom for a more comfortable sleeping environment.

  • Place Crystals Away From The Bed 

Some crystals aren’t meant to be put next to the bed. While they can help reduce negative energies and replace them with soothing ones, they carry too much energy to restrict comfortable sleep. So, it’s best to keep them away from the bed and place them somewhere in the bedroom, like a display cabinet or by hanging them. Here are some examples:

  • Black Tourmaline  

This crystal has a high electromagnetic charge that may interfere with the body’s natural electrical field during sleep. Placing black tourmaline under your pillow can cause energy imbalances, leading to restless nights.

  • Clear Quartz  

This mineral crystal carries its own energy signature, amplifying energies but intensifying dreams. While clear quartz can help you remember your dreams better or promote vivid dreaming, this crystal may also interfere with your body’s energy, causing sleep issues. So, it’s better to place clear quartz away from your pillow.

  • Place Crystals On The Bedside Table  

If you’re not comfortable placing crystals under your pillow, you can put an amethyst geode on the bedside table for the same purpose. The same is true with other crystals like the following:

  • Silver Sheen Obsidian 

This magical gemstone can uplift your spirit during sleep. You can sleep with it under your pillow or place it on your bedside table. Silver sheen obsidian emits sparkly silvery inclusions with a beautiful sheen under light exposure.

  • Celestite 

Sleep deprivation can ruin your mental health, career, and entire life. So, improve your sleep with the help of gemstones, like celestite. This stunning blue crystal embodies pure comfort, reducing intense emotions caused by stress and overthinking. Celestite provides mental clarity to prepare your mind and body for sleep.

  • Angelite  

This crystal was discovered in Peru in 1987. Angelite was coined after the Greek word ‘anhydrite’, meaning ‘without water’ because the crystal came from gypsum-crystal-parched areas that sat in water. Gypsum crystals compress as the water dries up, forming this gentle blue crystal.

Angelite crystal lamps are perfect for the bedroom, displayed on your bedside table to promote a good night’s sleep. It’s one gemstone that emits positive energy that can uplift your higher consciousness. This blue lullaby stone nurtures your spirituality, providing ethereal energy.

  • Wear Crystals As Jewelry Pieces 

You can wear gemstones when you go to sleep, such as a crystal-beaded bracelet. Necklaces and rings are also available for this purpose.

You can customize your crystal jewelry pieces by working with a jeweler. Physical jewelry shops are offering this service, and even online. Choose the crystal you want and tell the master jeweler which jewelry design you prefer.

Check out these beautiful crystals commonly used in jewelry pieces to help boost good sleep:

  • Moonstone 

This translucent gem is typically white with different colored veils that change appearance depending on the weather and the time of the day. A moonstone necklace is elegant with reflective properties. Hence, it’s thought that this crystal allows the wearer to see dreams vividly.

Moonstone jewelry pieces provide a sense of calmness. They look eye-catching when worn by women in nightdresses or nightgowns. It helps conquer stress, insomnia, and worry about having bad dreams. People also believe that the color and appearance of moonstone pendants change depending on other people’s feelings around the wearer.

  • Hematite  

Hematite is slightly reddish below the surface. When you scrape a piece of real hematite across black sandpaper or unglazed porcelain, it leaves a brown or red streak. This crystal is associated with iron.

The stone’s heavy content has led to hematite’s improving cardiovascular health, for better blood circulation, blood pressure, and menstruation. Of course, hematite helps you achieve deep and more prolonged sleep.

You can hold this crystal in your hands and then close your eyes to envision a relaxing sleep before you go to bed. Putting a hematite crystal under your pillow is also a good idea. But the trending use of hematite is in charm bracelets. Hematite bracelets can be customized or readily purchased online or in brick-and-mortar crystal stores.

  • Howlite  

If you’re on a budget for crystal jewelry, then a pair of howlite earrings is a perfect option. This beautiful stone has light gray, dark gray, and white colors. The natural stone’s design has light wavy patterns, making it a soothing stone for people with insomnia and other sleep issues. Howlite helps reduce nightmares and sleepwalks.

  • Put Crystals In Your Pocket 

You can put sleep-boosting crystals inside a small purse and place them inside your pajamas or sleepwear pockets. Just make sure to remember to take it out in the morning and put it somewhere above small children’s reach to avoid them playing with the crystals and possibly causing accidents like choking.

  • Hold The Crystals During Meditation  

If you love to meditate before going to sleep at night, you can hold your favorite sleep-boosting crystal while doing it. In the same way, you can hold or carry crystals while praying. Also, crystal-beaded rosaries are available, making prayer and meditation more meaningful and relaxing.

  • Place Crystals In Your Socks 

Sleep-enhancing crystals in bead or powder form can be applied to your socks when you sleep. Some people do this practice to extract the body’s negative vibrations from head to toe, improving rest and sleep quality.

Young woman sleeping on white pillow in bed
Where To Find Crystals For Sleep

As mentioned, you can buy crystals for sleep online or in physical stores. When shopping for genuine crystals, obtain proof of authenticity or guarantee and check the seller’s reputation and credentials.

Many people buy crystals depending on their aesthetic quality. But you have to remember that each piece is unique. Every crystal has its own energy and symbolism. So, it’s important to choose a gemstone or crystal far beyond its external appearance.

Find out where the seller or manufacturer sources the gemstones and crystals, like the country of origin or a specific place, such as a cave in India or a remote island or mining location in Sri Lanka, one of the world’s most gem-rich countries.

Reading customer reviews and considering their ratings can also help you source high-quality crystals.


So, how do you want to use crystals for sleep? Everyone aims to have a restful sleep. Sleep helps rejuvenate the body, promoting self-healing, a better mood, and more energy and focus the next day.

The roles of gemstones and crystals in sleep are supportive. While studies associated with their capabilities are generally inconclusive, using gemstones and crystals wouldn’t harm, especially when people don’t find satisfaction in modern therapies for improving sleep.

Thank you for reading.



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