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tips Christmas

From putting up your Christmas decorations, to simple household checks to ensure everything runs smoothly this Christmas, there are lots of important things to consider and tick off the list before the big day. For many people, Christmas is spread throughout the whole festive period, with family gatherings, dinner parties and movie nights, so it’s always beneficial to prepare your home and make sure it’s ready for a warm and relaxing Christmas!

Important Checks and Tests

It’s a well-known fact that throughout the Christmas period, services are much slower and harder to rely on. The very last thing you want is to realise your heating isn’t working or your oven has died, so it’s really important to carry out some essential checks on certain items within the house to prevent any last-minute panic. Start by checking your heating and boiler system are in good condition, as these are by far the most common issue that arises once the cold weather kicks in at Christmas time. You should also always check your oven, microwave, kettle and shower. These are very random items to check, but they’re all essential pieces that are used a lot throughout the festive period, and you’ll have a few issues to tackle if anything should happen to them on or just before the big day.

Christmas Decorations

Nothing brings the festive spirit to your home quite like some beautiful Christmas decorations, and even putting them up can really bring that Christmas feeling. Decide on the colour scheme you want to work with and invest in some stunning Christmas decorations that will bring your interiors. When it comes to sitting down and relaxing in the living room, there’s nothing quite as peaceful and soothing as a selection of delicate fairy lights to bring that cosy atmosphere to your home. From your beautiful sideboard, to the oak TV unit, there are so many areas in the home that are desperate for a little Christmas makeover, ready to bring the spirit to your décor.

Furniture Fixes

When you have lots of visitors coming and going to your home, whether it’s for a quick coffee and some Christmas cake, a dinner party or the big day itself, you need to make sure your furniture is ready for the constant use. Certain furniture pieces, such as the dining chairs, can become very weak after a lot of use, so it’s best to make sure that they’re sturdy and strong for the Christmas activities. If you’re worried that they may need some TLC, it’s better to move that particular furniture piece into the loft or a space room until the festive period is over, preventing any damage!

Stocked up Supplies 

Whether you find yourself snowed in a few days before the 25th December, or you simply don’t intend on leaving the house for the whole week of the holidays, it’s always beneficial to stock up on supplies to make sure you have everything you need. From the pantry to the fridge, make a big list of all the essential items you want for the Christmas period and head to the shops a few days before the big rush. This will help to make sure you have everything you need including mince pies and brandy sauce, to keep you going throughout the festive season and have plenty of snacks and nibbles to give to your guests.

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