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No matter who you are, eventually gravity will take its toll on you. What happens when you notice that your face isn’t quite as tight and smooth as it once was? Thanks to modern advancements, your options for maintaining your age keeps getting better and better.

Facelifts are growing in popularity and for a good reason! The procedure provides a wonderful way for you to regain your youthful appearance. If you are unfamiliar with how the process works, you likely have lots of questions! It is life-changing, after all.

Consulting with a surgeon is essential, of course, for learning what option is best for your circumstances. But let’s look at a few factors so you can be well-informed beforehand!

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure done to reduce facial age lines and sagging skin. There are many techniques used by surgeons to smooth different parts of the face. Your chosen method will depend on your needs and wants.

During the process, you will be sedated as not to experience any physical pain. The process takes just a few hours to complete. It is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can leave after your brief stay once you seem to be recovering as you should.

The surgeon will make incisions trailing from your temples to the back of your neck. They will reposition fat and muscle as needed to reform the area. Your skin will be trimmed accordingly and carefully reattached to the initial incision points.

You may feel slight discomfort after the procedure. Swelling and bruising are normal and expected results of the surgery. With proper care, it should only last a short time. Sutures are removed within the first-week post-surgery.

While full healing takes six months to complete, you should be able to resume normal daily life 2-3 weeks after. That means you can enjoy your rejuvenated appearance in less than a month!

Deep Plane Facelift

Deep plane facelifts are a modification of traditional facelifts, designed to look as though no surgery has taken place. A large complaint by standard facelift procedures has widely been that the skin appears pulled too tight, making it look unnatural.

The results from this type of procedure are widely more long-lasting, holding results up to an average of ten years. It creates a tension-free movement of the face to reduce or rid tightness by getting to the deeper tissue of the face.

This option is an excellent means of creating lasting, organic-looking changes to your face. If you are concerned about the outcome being too obvious, this may be the selection you are looking for!


A mini-facelift is a less-invasive alternative to a full-facelift. It targets the lower portions of the face to reduce sagging and wrinkling. Since it is not as invasive, it is said to reduce the risk of scarring and have a shorter recovery period.

The surgeon will make an s-shaped incision around the ear to perform the lift. Techniques on this lift vary from surgeon to surgeon. However, the general difference between the mini versus full facelifts is that the mini does not target wrinkles or aging on the neck.

Mini facelifts tend to be a bit cheaper than the full facelift as well, which can appeal to you if you don’t want to bear a greater expense.

Making Your Choice

Ultimately, your budget, your desired outcome, and your comfortability with the procedures will play major determining factors in your decision. Consulting with a professional cosmetic surgeon is a brilliant means of sorting out each aspect of your care.

Together, you can go over your target areas and how to improve them. The experienced surgeon can explain the procedure step-by-step, addressing any concerns along the way. Rest assured, they will make you feel confident in your decision.

Once you finish your consultation, you are one step closer to looking like you’ve stepped back in time! Not only can you shave off a few years, but you can also gain a sense of newfound self-confidence. What are you waiting for?

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