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money-saving swaps

It’s an awful feeling when you’ve paid all your bills and all your direct debits have come out and you’re left with the remnants of your monthly wage. You still have food to buy, practically nothing for savings and barely enough for an emergency, so you find yourself counting down until payday and the whole cycle starts again.
A monthly budget is a good idea. It can help you structure your expenses and save money where possible. But, could you be doing more?

Here I’ve compiled 5 simple money saving swaps that you can make today.

Cigarettes vs Vape

We all know that smoking is incredibly bad for your health and shortens your life expectancy. But it’s also pretty bad for your wallet too. The answer? A simple swap to vaping. Vaping products like the ones available at 88Vape are ideal for those looking to save a little money and reduce the impact that smoking has on their general health. It’s a win, win!

Your coffee shop habit vs brewing coffee at home

Sometimes that tall, fancy heavy caffeinated coffee we enjoy on the way to work feels like a necessity to get us through the day. However, at £5 a time, that amounts to £25 a week spent on hot drinks that you could brew at home. Sure, you won’t get all the fancy flavours or the syrups, the branded coffee cups or a decent pic for Instagram, but you’ll be saving money and helping the environment by using a reusable cup instead. So, brew your own coffee – it really is that simple.

A takeaway pizza vs homemade

Ok, it’s been a rough day at work, and you don’t fancy the chickpea salad you decided upon last week when you were full of health-related revelations and pledges. You want to order a nice, cheesy pizza and more importantly, have someone else cook it and bring it to you. All this is relatable but terribly expensive and wasteful. And it can quickly turn into a habit! If you fancy a pizza, consider making your own instead. It sounds daunting but a simple pizza recipe is easy to follow, and you’ll have such a sense of achievement afterwards. You can top it with what you like and even experiment with new flavours! No pineapple, thank you!

Big supermarket brands vs own brand/discount supermarket

Ten years ago there was quite a stigma around shopping at discounted supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl or even buying a supermarket own brand. Thankfully, those days are over, and you can make huge savings on your weekly shop. Don’t be tempted by the big brands, even when they’re on offer, chances are the supermarket own brands are still cheaper and they taste just as good! Don’t be fooled into parting with your money unnecessarily.

Gym membership vs home gym

Unless you’re training for a bodybuilding championship or an Olympic event, you can work out at home and see the results you want. You can purchase second-hand weights and equipment online if you wish. Otherwise, utilise your front room, go for a jog outside or follow a workout session on YouTube for FREE!

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored article*