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The first thing that comes to mind when someone refers to Greece is the ancient history of this nation. Greece has one of the most noteworthy and rich ancient histories from around the world.

Parthenon, Olympian gods, and Epidaurus are only a few things that make Greek history famous. Greece is the country where democracy and the art of drama began and is the motherland of many arts and philosophy.

It’s pretty obvious that Greece is a country that is indicated for educational tours. If you are the person who is planning these tours, I got 4 easy and smart tips for planning the next successful educational tour in Greece.

Tip 1. Hire a good tour operator

The most important thing that you must do before organising an educational tour in Greece is to hire an experienced tour operator. The educational tours in Greece by Travelway Europe are guaranteed to your travelers that they will get informed and they will have the chance to admire, every important monument and every corner of the capital of Greece. A good tour operator is going to teach your travellers about every single aspect of the rich ancient history and the tour guys will be able to answer every question that even the most demanded visitor would ask.

Tip 2. Ask the group

This tip is about meeting the group preferences. Before organising the trip, send an email with a questionnaire to all the members of the group. These questions would be about which places and which monuments they are more interested to visit. The members of the group must answer these questions and send you the form back. In this way, you will be able to form the daily schedule according to their preferences.

Tip 3. The trip is not only for education

The participants of this trip, besides their interest in history and philosophy, are people who visit a new place, and they want to have some fun. After all the museum tours, make a reservation in a traditional place in Athens to taste some tasteful local dishes. Another good idea is to book a visit to Epidaurus or the Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatres in the summertime, to enjoy a play written by an ancient Greek. Greece is a country where you can do many entertaining and educational activities, so choose both and don’t let the travelers get bored.

Tip 4. Choose a nice place to stay

The last tip is about the accommodation. As the planner of this trip, consider booking a luxurious hotel that views the most historic monuments of Greece. Travelers will be very excited to wake up every morning and the first thing that they will see is the Acropolis. This experience will bring the visitors closer to the culture of Greece and they are going to feel like they are living in these old eras for some days.

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