child-friendly honeymoon ideas

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Didn’t have the time or some extra cash to head to your honeymoon right after tying the knot? Worry not because it’s never too late to have a honeymoon even if it’s a couple of years after getting married. In fact, you can choose a honeymoon destination that will excite your kids too.

Let’s explore some romantic, yet child-friendly honeymoon ideas that your entire family will love.

  1. A Cruise

Equipped with pools, play areas, kids’ clubs, and the babysitting facility, traveling by a cruise ship will help you get your much-needed time alone without worrying about entertaining the kids. Just remember to enquire about interconnecting rooms when booking your trip. 

  1. Relax At A Beach Resort

What could be more romantic than cuddling on the beach and watching the sunset while your children play in the sand? 

Remember to search for age-appropriate activities for the kids. Some of these include scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating. However, make sure to practice any activities suggested with a qualified instructor. While the kids are enjoying these fun activities, you’ll get a moment or two for yourself too.

  1. Get Pampered At A Luxury Hotel

Feel like spending quality time together? Indulging in a 5-star hotel is the perfect answer. But since you’ll need to find comfort for the kids as well, it makes sense to hunt for the right hotel. Some hotels even provide certified nannies, summer camps, and various other facilities for families so they can get a chance to unwind and relax without getting worried about the kids’ entertainment.

You’ll be thinking a dress to wear to those holiday cocktail parties, so do some shopping beforehand. Get dressed and make your partner fall in love with you all over again!

  1. Explore The Islands

If you’re traveling with older kids, possibly teenagers, you want them to enjoy the trip as much as you. With multiple activities in and around the water, the whole family will have a memorable journey. Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Hamilton Island are just a few suggestions for an island vacation. 

  1. Treat The Kids And Visit Disneyland Together

You don’t even need to ask the kids’ opinion on this one! Just surprise them with this idea and they are sure to be more excited than you.

With the cost of accommodation, transportation, food, and amusement park entry fees all adding up, a trip to Disneyland may carry a hefty price tag, especially if you have more than one child. But there’s always a solution. You can register yourself on a crowdfunding site for weddings and honeymoons to help arrange the necessary funds with donations from friends and family.

  1. Opt For Your Favorite Country

If you’ve been saving up for a long time, you deserve a long holiday. If your kids are interested in wildlife and love the outdoors, then Egypt and Kenya are exotic locations that you should give priority to. Other places of interest include Turkey, Thailand, and South Africa.

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  1. October 1, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    Some great ideas, we are actually looking for family honeymoon destinations at the moment as we are getting married in June x