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Mykonos is a huge party land from end to end, providing its VIP guests and the rest of us humble mortals with exceptional entertainment options, exhilarating moments, and nonstop fun. From crowded and cheerful bars in the Mykonos capital to chilled cocktails served at rooftops overlooking the Aegean Sea, and beach clubs featuring international DJs and endless partying, you have it all here, from day to night and from evening to the wee hours. Below are some of the most popular ways to party in Mykonos like no tomorrow!

Partying in the Chora in the evening

The capital of the island, Mykonos Town or the Chora, is where the majority of trendy music bars and clubs are located. Scattered around the cobbled streets of the quaint capital, they mingle with the fashion shops, cafes, and restaurants, offering a special vibe and many different ways to enjoy yourself.

In other words, you can come here in the evening and merge with the lively ambiance as found primarily in the Little Venice area down to the Mykonos harbour. You’ll be treated with numerous live events and chances to pamper your palate with delicious cocktails and pleasing gastronomy just before sunset, when the ultramarine hues give way to shades of gold, pink, orange, and fiery red.

Partying in the Chora after sunset

After the sun slips behind the horizon, an entirely different story unfolds in the Chora. The main interest is now gathered around the narrow streets of the capital, especially Matoyianni Street, as well as the Laka region, which treats the younger crowds with decks set on fire by world-known DJs. And, let’s not forget the Kastro area and the spots around the Town Hall, which are hugely popular with the gay community and host from theme parties to fab drag queen shows, among others.

Partying at the beach

The parties taking place on the southern coastline of Mykonos since the 1960s are the reason why Mykonos is now considered a superbly animated party mecca. With Super Paradise beach being the star of all this vibrancy, it is an exceptional place to start or end your nightly adventures. And, just like its other siblings, Paradise, Psarou, Paraga, and Kalo Livadi, it spoils with a picturesque sugary beach, nudist-friendly zones, heart-stopping views of the archipelago, lots of water sports and organised tourist facilities, and some of the best nightlife venues. Here is where you will find celebs, famous producers from all music genres performing live, artists, clubbers, and an absolutely crazy party scene.

Where to stay in Mykonos to party

It all depends on what partying and having fun means for you. If, for example, you see yourself drinking cocktails by the sea with chilled music in the background, in a laid-back environment, then a luxury villa in Mykonos Town or a bit further in the outskirts of the capital (i.e., Ornos bay) is an excellent choice. If you desire more vivid experiences and louder, friskier, and more playful adventures, then opting for a chic hilltop mansion or stylish beachfront property near the popular party spots, such as Super Paradise, Paraga, or Psarou are ideal.

Of course, there are middle-ground options, such as Elia, Agios Ioannis, Agrari, or Ftelia, which also provide close proximity to the Mykonos nightlife while also pampering with more privacy than their more central counterparts.

Irrespective of which area you choose to stay in, Mykonos will certainly not disappoint you, entertainment-wise or otherwise!

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