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Brighton #UKCitiesChecklist


While we were on holiday in Sussex a couple of weeks ago we headed over to Brighton one day as it’s somewhere that we’ve wanted to visit for a long time and it was the perfect opportunity for us to tick off another city on our UK cities checklist.

It was such fantastic but a busy day as there is just so much to see and do in Brighton. We were expecting it to be really busy as it was the first week of the school summer holidays, but it actually worked out really well for us as it turned out that the schools in Sussex (or most of them) hadn’t yet broken up for summer so it wasn’t too busy at all.

When we first arrived in Brighton we had a wander through the Pavilion Gardens and admired the Royal Pavilion which is an absolutely stunning building! We didn’t actually go inside as I didn’t realise that we could, but what an impressive building it is!

Next we headed for a walk around The Lanes and had lunch at The Breakfast Club. The last time we went to The Breakfast Club was in London and we absolutely loved it so we just had to visit the one in Brighton, if only they would open one up north!

After a bit more shopping on The Lanes we headed over to the sea front and pier. It was pretty busy around the sea front as I expect it usually is. The sun was shining on this particular day so it was the perfect day for a walk along the pier and an ice cream.

I think that Brighton might be just be my new favourite city, or at least tied with Edinburgh! It’s just such a quirky city with so much going on. I feel like you really get the best of everything in Brighton, there’s the buzz of a city, little independent shops and cafes and the seaside all rolled in to one. We can’t wait to visit again, if only we lived closer!

Have you ever been to Brighton? What’s your favourite city?

Thanks for reading.