Last week we were on holiday in the beautiful French Riviera and we stayed in the perfect location to be able to drive out and explore lots of beautiful places in the area. First on our list was Cannes which we absolutely loved, so much so that we visited twice during our week there.

On our first day in Cannes we decided to do one of the train tours as it meant we could see as much of the city as possible and keep the kids entertained at the same time. Win win.

The train takes you through both the old and new parts of Cannes, which in 30 degree heat is a much easier way to see the sights. The train makes it’s way up to the top of the hill where you’re able to get off for 10 minutes and take photos etc. The views from the top are amazing…

We paid around €36 for all four of us and the tour lasted just under an hour. Disappointingly some of the headphones didn’t work very well, but I would still recommend doing it as it’s much easier than walking all the way up to the top of the hill in the heat.

After the train tour we had a wander around the newer part of Cannes. We of course took some photos on the red carpet and of the star studded floor.

On our second visit to Cannes we spent some more time exploring the old town, starting off with drinks and desserts in one of the cute little cafes tucked away in the narrow streets. How delicious does this cake look?

We then walked up to the top of the hill to take in the incredible views once more. The old town, known as Le Suquet is beautiful and I would highly recommend spending some time there. It’s lovely and quiet which is a stark contrast to the newer parts of Cannes which can get very busy.

We then made our way back down to find a restaurant for dinner. There’s loads of restaurants around, but we did sometimes find it a challenge to find something on the menu that the children would eat. I had a caprese salad which is one of my favourite meals anyway but in 30 degree heat it became my dinner of choice during our time in France.

Finally, before heading back to our campsite for the night we had to check out the beach. The sun was just starting to go down at this point and although the beach was still full of people it was really quite peaceful.

We had a lovely time in Cannes, it’s a beautiful place with such a buzz around it. I would love to go back again one day. It’s definitely one to add to your bucket list if you haven’t been before.

Thank you for reading.



  1. August 11, 2019 / 6:37 pm

    I’ve never been to Cannes but it looks lovely .. must add to the list !! Xxx looks like you had a great time the little train sounds like a life saver with kids xx

    • Emma
      August 15, 2019 / 7:44 pm

      It’s a beautiful place xx