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Days Out | A Rather Cold Trip to Scarborough


What kind of people go to the seaside in January? Oh yes, that would be us! We are Sea Life Scarborough ambassadors and haven’t visited since the summer so we decided to head over and have a little family day out.

We stopped off at the lovely Papa’s restaurant for lunch which was delicious. The plan was to have fish and chips, as you do at the seaside but James was the only one who ended up with fish! Me and Max opted for the sausages and Evie had chicken nuggets. I would definitely recommend Papa’s if you’re in the area, not only is the food good but the prices are very reasonable too.

After lunch we headed to Sea Life, the kids absolutely love it there and I have to say, so do I. My personal favourite is the Jellyfish, they are so mesmerising, I could watch them for hours. The Sea Lions are great too, the kids loved watching them being fed.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get in to the Penguin Walkthrough this time due to the increased presence of Avian Bird Flu in Europe, but we were still able see them and even had one swimming right in front of us!

Watch our vlog here…

After the Sea Life Sanctuary we went for a little walk along the sea front which gave me an opportunity to get my camera out and take some photos. It was absolutely freezing though so it was very brief, especially as someone had forgotten their gloves (me!). Safe to say we were glad to get back into the car and warm up!

We had a lovely day in Scarborough, despite the cold! We can’t wait to visit again when the weather gets a bit warmer and then maybe we’ll be able to have a little paddle in the sea.

Thanks for reading.