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Disneyland green card

Back in November last year we went to Disneyland Paris. Our son, Max has Asperger Syndrome and if it wasn’t for Disneyland’s green card the trip could well have been a complete disaster. If you too have have a child with a disability, here’s a little bit about how the green card works and how you can get hold of one.

We booked our trip to Disneyland almost a year in advance and we were so excited to go. We knew that with Max, it wasn’t always going to be easy but we were hopeful that it would be worth it. As our holiday got closer and closer I began to panic about how Max would cope with the queues and crowds, but figured there was nothing we could really do about it and we would just have to try and deal with situations as best we could.

Then about a week before our trip a friend asked me if we were planning to get a green card for Max. I had no idea what a green card even was but soon discovered that Max would be entitled to one and that it might make our trip much easier.

What is a green card?

A green card, also known as a priority card allows the card holder and up to four guests access to attractions via the disabled entrance. There is sometimes a queue at this entrance but it is nowhere near the size of the normal queue. So while you may still experience wait times, this will be minimal which for a child on the autism spectrum is fantastic.

For meet and greets, if you show the staff member your card they will usually give you a time slot to come back at. So that you do not have to wait in a queue. We found that this was particularly helpful for the Princess Pavillion as the queues there can be over an hour long, which would have meant it was a no go for us.

For parades and other shows the card allows the holder and one carer access to a priority viewing area. This is ideal for children on the spectrum because it means that they are away from the crowds, which can be very overwhelming for them.

How do I get a green card? 

From what we had been told from other people, we needed a signed letter from our GP in order to obtain a green card. As we had only found out about the cards a few days before our trip, our GP was not willing to write a letter at such short notice. So instead, we took along all of the paperwork from Max’s initial diagnosis as well as his disability card which was provided by our local authority. We didn’t expect that we would be able to get a pass without a signed letter from our GP but thankfully it turned out the disability card was all we needed.

Simply head to City Hall when you arrive at the park, with the relevant documents and they will issue your green card. City Hall is right by the park entrance, you can’t miss it.

I really hope this has been helpful and that if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland, getting a green card will make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. I know that it was a total life saver for us and without it we would have had a very upset and overwhelmed little boy on our hands.

If you need any more information head over to this page to read more about priority passes.

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Thank you for reading.



    • Emma
      May 22, 2018 / 10:23 am

      It was the best! Thanks for reading.