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traveller apps

*This is a guest article*

After the World Health Organization announced the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China in January this year, countries all over the world imposed travel restrictions. They also closed their border to prevent further spread, as we all now. These lockdowns have made both local and international travel impossible, therefore, forcing people to cancel their planned trips. However, there seems to be a glimmer of hope now that most countries have started easing the restrictions on international travel and a vaccine seems to be on the way before the end of 2020.

You can go back to your travel schedule, but not without the help of travel apps this time to help you and your family have a smooth trip. Travel apps provide everything you need while on travel from are booking flights to hotel reservations, currency conversions, new areas navigation and many more. These apps also act as guide books and foreign – language dictionaries that will help you learn some commonly used phrases in foreign lands.

Let’s see some of the best travel apps that you can try on your next trip.

Language Apps

Are planning to travel to a new destination with a different culture and language? How do you plan to interact with the locals? Learning a new language is not simple, but you can make it easier using language apps. There are some people that are bit skeptical about learning a language online, especially from apps. However, studies have proven that these are actually very effective in language learning: for example, this academic research demonstrates that the well-known app called Babbel does work and is a great way to get results quickly. Not to mention, with apps you can take them anywhere around the world with you.

The Table

The Table will help you meet and interact with new people at an open location of your choice. You never need to eat dinner alone! Users can create or participate in a Social Table from different parts of the world, without paying any fees, and you reserve a dinner or lunch appointment at a restaurant to share a meal together. You can also create an interest group where you will meet with people with the same interest and exchange ideas with them!


This app will help you find cheap flights when planning a budget trip. Skyscanner searches over a million flights from over 1,200 sources and recommends the best options, which can be the easiest or the best route. You can also use the handy cart feature to identify the cheapest time to fly to your destination, plus you will also get notifications if there are price changes!

City Walker

This app gives users a local’s guide for different cities. Unlike local tours companies that only takes you to the popular spots in the city, city walker helps you enjoy a city like the people who live there and easily find local hidden gems. The app will guide you to best local spots from your location, plus other experiences such as local transport, local food and a little bit of culture.

Hotel Tonight

This app suits you best if you are a last-minute traveler. You can use the app to book the same evening or for more than a week before your stay. The available hotel rooms in these apps come in categories like basic, luxe, charming and high-roller, plus you will enjoy great last-minute rates. Apart from finding your preferred hotel room, you can also save your favourite hotels and check other people’s reviews as well as photos.

Users can save a lot using the daily drop feature of this app, where you swipe to find a personalised deal at a special price. These deals are only valid for 15 minutes after unlocking, meaning you have to make your decision fast. Another saving feature for Hotel Tonight users is the HT perks — the app’s loyalty program. The loyalty perks include cheaper rates, a free-in app concierge and many more.

All the above apps are designed to help travellers to plan their trips better and to enjoy when they get to their destination. You don’t have to worry if you haven’t used any before as they are all simple to use. In fact, you can download them when on the way, and you will be a pro user by the time you arrive.

Thank you for reading.