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Here is the second lot of photos from our recent holiday to Fuerteventura. You can see the first part here.

These photos were taken during the last three days of our holiday where we visited the beautiful village of Betancuria, spent lots of time around the hotel pool and also visited Acua water park at the kids request.

Betancuria was somewhere that me and James wanted to visit, but actually it turned out to be a great place for the kids too. There’s lots for them to explore, a little playground and of course ice cream to keep them happy!

Betancuria is is a small town and a municipality in the western part of the island. It used to be the capital of Fuerteventura for quite some time until the local people started moving away from the town due to lack of arable land. It’s a picturesque place with it’s main attraction being the beautiful church. Betancuria is actually located up in the mountains and it’s quite an impressive drive to get up there with spectacular views. If you’re visiting the island I highly recommend you take to the drive up to Betancuria, you won’t be disappointed.

On our last day in Fuerteventura we visited Acua water park which was just up the road from our hotel in Corralejo. I’ll be honest, water parks are definitely not my thing but the kids were desperate to go. As far as water parks go it was pretty decent and the children (and James!) had a great time. Max loves water slides so he was in his element and would have stayed all day if we let him!

We had a fantastic time in Fuerteventura and would definitely visit again. It’s a beautiful place, much more so than I had expected it to be. Have you ever visited Fuerteventura? Or any other of the Canaries? Which island should we visit next?

Thank you for reading.