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Lidl Mudder

Last month the kids took part in Lidl Mudder and had a brilliant time. I mean, what child wouldn’t love being allowed to run around and get as muddy as they like?!

What is Lidl Mudder?

Lidl Mudder is essentially the mini version of Tough Mudder. It used to be called Mini Mudder but when Lidl became the headline sponsor this year it was renamed Lidl Mudder.

Lidl Mudder is a one mile long obstacle course designed for adventure seeking children who want to get muddy!

“Designed for fun and based on teamwork and adventure, Lidl Mudder is a 1-mile course consisting of 4 laps jam packed full of obstacles to give kids the chance to work as a team and get a little muddy. Lidl Mudders will be swinging from monkey rings, dodging through a ‘laser’ maze and even tackling their own mini version of Tough Mudder’s famous Everest obstacle at events up and down the UK in 2019.”

Signing up 

We signed up to the Midlands Lidl Mudder which was held at Belvoir Castle in Grantham on the 18th May. Although some events have now passed, there’s still four left over the coming months. You can check out the locations and dates here.

Signing up online is quick and easy to do. Children need to be aged between 5 and 12 and at least 1.1 metres tall. All children taking part must be accompanied by an adult spectator. Tickets are priced at £10 each or £20 on the day.

To get 50% off ticket prices when you purchase a family bundle (2 x adult tickets, 2 x child tickets and car parking), use code lidlmudder2019. 


Lidl is aiming to raise £3M over 3 years for the NSPCC’s Speak out. Stay safe. school programme, helping to empower a generation of children with the knowledge they need to stay safe from abuse and neglect.

Ahead of the race, we did some fundraising of our own for the NSPCC. We baked some cakes and sold them to friends and family and the kids also used their sponsorship forms to ask for sponsors.

On the day 

We arrived at Lidl Mudder early and the kids went straight to join the warm up with the other children. They had lots of fun doing this and it definitely helped to get them motivated and excited for the course on what was quite a grey Saturday morning.

And then it was time for the main event! The course started off with a ‘laser’ maze for the children to find their way through, followed by a mini version of Tough Mudder’s famous Everest obstacle.

And then came the mud (make sure you take a change of clothes with you!)…

Really it’s up to your child how muddy they want to get, my two decided to go straight through the middle of the mud and get as mucky as they possibly could! Max even lost a shoe somewhere in there, haha. But they could go around the edges if they prefer and avoid the squelchy mud.


And after…

When the kids had finished Lidl Mudder, they went to get changed in the designated changing area. We were able to purchase Dirty Kit Bags for a donation to NSPCC which came in really handy for their muddy clothes and shoes. I was really impressed that the changing area had free nappies and Lidl’s Lupilu wet wipes for anyone who needed them.

Once Lidl Mudder was over, it wasn’t the end of the fun by any means. There was free fruit and smoothies for the kids and they even got a goodie bag after we completed a questionnaire for Lidl. There was also free face painting which the kids loved, Evie went for a rabbit complete with carrot finger and Max went for a rainbow…

We had a fantastic day at Lidl Mudder, the kids had a blast and it was great to let them have fun and get muddy whilst raising money for the NSPCC. We’ll definitely be back again next year!

To sign up to your nearest Lidl Mudder, click here

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a paid post in collaboration with Lidl*