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Our Granada Mini Break | Part 1


Last week me and James headed to the beautiful city of Granada in Spain for a few days away, child-free! It was my 30th birthday present from James and although I was a little anxious about leaving the kids, I was really excited to go and explore and to have some time to ourselves.

Granada is a city located in the Andalusia region of Spain, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. In some ways it’s exactly what you would expect from a Spanish city – orange trees lining the streets, beautiful little courtyards, cobbled streets and amazing tapas. But Granada is also very different in it’s history. It is home to the Alhambra, a huge Islamic Palace which looks down on the city. You’ll also find that a lot of the architecture around the city is inspired by Granada’s islamic roots.

We arrived in Granada at around 3pm and headed straight to our hotel which was the Granada Five Senses Hotel. After unpacking and getting changed we headed out to explore the Old Town a little and grab some food. There are some lovely little restaurants that serve amazing tapas, I’m still dreaming about the olives and Iberian ham now!

On day two we had the luxury of a little lie in, yay! So didn’t leave the hotel until around 11am. We headed up to the Alhambra Palace in the hope of getting tickets. When James first booked the holiday he looked online for tickets, which were available but for whatever reason he decided to leave it until nearer the time. But of course the next time he checked they were all sold out! So we were hoping that we would be able to get tickets from the ticket office while we were there. Sadly, they were sold out and we were told to get there as soon as they opened the next morning and they might have tickets available then.

So instead of the Alhambra we spent the day wandering around some of the gorgeous gardens that we stumbled upon and mooching around the Old Town. That evening we ate at a lovely restaurant which had amazing views of the Alhambra which is gorgeous when it’s lit up at night. We ate paella and drank beer, it was pretty perfect.

Watch our video here…

Here’s some snaps from the first part of our trip…

Thanks for reading.


1 Comment

  1. October 19, 2017 / 3:22 pm

    It’s looks like you had a wonderful time x great pics.