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Grey Skies and Fields of Gold

fields of gold

I have been seeing these beautiful rapeseed field photos all over Instagram at this time of year for the past couple of years and have been desperate to take some myself. Last month when we went to take our Siblings Project photos we planned to take them in a yellow field but we just couldn’t find any, no matter how hard we tried!

The only place I had seen these gorgeous fields was along the motorway and no matter how dedicated I might be to blogging and instagram, I’m definitely not crazy enough to stop on the hard shoulder and take some photos in a field!

Last week we had gone to our local recycling centre to get rid of some rubbish and on the way back, we spotted a yellow field and of course we just had to stop. It’s a shame that Max was at school because it would have been nice to get some photos of the four of us together, but I guess sometimes you just have to take the opportunity as it comes.

When I thought about taking these photos, I imagined glorious sunshine and blue skies, but on this day it was actually the complete opposite. We were experiencing hail storms on and off, it was really cold and the sky was incredibly grey and really quite menacing. At first I was disappointed about this and expected the photos to be a bit rubbish but actually I think that the dark grey sky against the yellow looks really cool and I’m pleased with how our photos have turned out.

As I said, it was a really cold day so we pretty much just snapped as many photos as we could in five minutes, so they aren’t the best but hey, I got my yellow field photos, so yay!

Thanks for reading.