If you’ve just brought a motorhome or a brand-new campervan, you’re probably spending most of your time planning your first UK excursion.

While there is nothing wrong with this, of course, you should not overlook the importance of kitting out your vehicle and ensuring that it has the right accessories. Sure, most modern vehicles may come equipped with the very latest amenities built-in, but there are a number of additional, non-standard items that will also aid the experience of travelling in a motorhome.

In this post, we’ll look at the key items that everyone motorhome owner should have in their vehicle. These include:

A Rock and Roll Bed

Newcomers may not be familiar with the so-called rock and roll bed, which has become a key motorhome and campervan accessory in recent times.

The true embodiment of multi-purpose furniture, your unique design of the rock and roll chair is particularly suited to smaller vehicles such as campervans. This is because it can easily be transitioned from an upright caravan seat into a horizontal bed in just a few simple steps, providing a crucial space-saving initiative that optimises your level of comfort at all times.

This, and similar types of furniture, can be worth its weight in gold to motorhome enthusiasts, particularly those who’ve purchased smaller vehicles and wish to make the absolute most of the space at their disposal.

A Leisure Battery

When you’re travelling in a motorhome and you go off-hook up, this usually means switching to gas or diesel heating and being unable to use the microwave. This can prove to be a huge drain on morale during the trip, so it’s important that you pack a secondary, leisure battery as a crucial item.

Using this in parallel to the main battery offers you a dual power source that should sustain you for most of the week. If not, it at least enables you to use power-draining devices such as televisions, which so many motorhome owners avoid switching on during their trips.

You’ll need to ensure that both batteries boast the same make, of course, as well as having identical amp hour ratings. Batteries with a similar manufacturing date are also especially compatible, as they will charge and age at the same rate and work in tandem with one another.

A Satellite Navigation System

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how many motorhome enthusiasts forget to buy or install a sat nav in their vehicle.

This is arguably the most important, non-standard accessory in any motorhome, as it prevents large and cumbersome vehicles from taking a wrong turn. Without this, you may find yourself lost and struggling to manoeuvre your motorhome out of a tight spot, particularly if you have to go back on yourself and reverse out of a restricted space.

Sat navs can also help you to plan the optimal route for your vehicle, enabling you to avoid narrow roads or perilously low brides.

Just remember to invest in a sat nav that has the right coverage for the area that you wish to travel to, as overseas trips to the continent will require you to invest in a product that has European coverage.

Thanks for reading.

*This is a guest post*