Ideas for the Perfect ‘Babymoon’ Before Your New Arrival


Babymoons are a new concept to a lot of us. Indeed, perhaps this is the first time you have heard of one. Skeptics may argue that so-called ‘babymoons’ are just a clever advertising ploy invented by those in the holiday industry to part expectant parents with their well-earned cash. Essentially, a Babymoon is the last holiday a couple takes together before the arrival of their baby– a kind of ‘final fling’ if you will. And while the skepticism might be justified, the idea really is not a bad one. I would argue that a trip away with your loved one might be just what you both need to feel relaxed, pampered, and to celebrate all that is to come. Here are my tips on making your Babymoon a time you will never forget:

Safety First

First things first, you must make sure your doctor approves of your plans to travel. The most important thing is your and your baby’s health. With some pregnancies, travelling long distances is not an option, and if you are high risk you should make sure to stay put for now. You can find lots of information and advice online to help you make the decision whether to travel or not. It is also the safest to travel by air between 18 and 24 weeks of your pregnancy, so try and time it so that you are traveling around those dates. Make sure your destination has an accessible hospital as well! We all know that a pregnant woman- especially one in her third trimester- might be reluctant to travel a long distance. Sitting for hours in a car or plane might not be the way to go for a woman far along in her pregnancy. It’s not always necessary to travel to a far off country to be able to enjoy the pleasures of a mini-break.

Get a Private Place

This is supposed to be all about you and your partner. Some Babymooners choose to stay in a luxury hotel so everything they need is provided to them, but this is quite a costly option if your still trying to save money for when the baby comes. Renting a private villa may also seem too luxurious, but if you go to a country with a low cost of living, such as Italy, Spain or Greece, you will find you can make big savings not only on the price of the villa itself, but also because you can buy local ingredients and cook in the villa. Plus you won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious when you are sitting by the pool. Consider somewhere with beautiful beaches and a chilled atmosphere, for example you can find Sicily villas for 2 perfectly suited to expectant couples’ needs.

Take It Easy

It is sometimes hard to not get ahead of yourself when on holiday. You want to be able to see everything. And while it is great to do what you can, you do not and should not push yourself too hard. Stay away from strenuous trails, and opt for relaxing spa trips or an extended beach holiday. The stress of having a baby is already enough for the duration of your pregnancy- a holiday should be just that, a holiday!

Of course, having a Babymoon is a luxurious treat that isn’t possible for everyone, don’t spend money you will really need in the next few months on something too extravagant. You could even enjoy a weekend away somewhere local, just make sure it’s a little bit special and you spend quality time with your partner- or if you’re doing it solo, treat yourself to something you know you’ll love, and focus on yourself and your happiness.

Thanks for reading.

*Guest post by Emily J*