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Finally, the last of my France blog posts! It’s taken me over a month to go through all the photos I took, edit them and share these blog posts but I’ve enjoyed reminiscing and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the French Riviera too. Nice was the last place that we visited during our time in France. We flew home from Nice airport and as our flight was in the evening it made sense to spend our last day exploring the city.

Nice is a very popular resort especially at the time of year that we were there, so do be prepared for it to be busy and expect some traffic also. Nice is actually the second largest French city on the Mediterranean coast so it’s to be expected that it will be very busy during the French summer holidays.

It was so busy that we couldn’t even get a decent picture with the famous #ILoveNICE sign. Despite queueing for ages, people just kept jumping in front of us which was annoying to say the least. This was the best I could do (let’s just ignore the random family and pretend that it’s us)…

One of the first things we did when we arrived in Nice was head for some lunch. There’s lots of restaurants and bars dotted along the Promenade des Anglais so it wasn’t too difficult to find somewhere that suited us. It was over 30 degrees at this point in the day, so we were all happy to escape the heat for a while.

As it was a super hot day in Nice we decided to do what we did in Cannes and went on one of the little train tours. It’s a much easier way of seeing the main sights when it’s hot, and particularly when you’ve got children with you. The train took us around the city, and included the old town and the newer parts and lasted for around an hour.

The architecture in Nice is stunning, there are so many beautiful buildings to see (and photograph!). I’m really glad that we went on the train tour because it meant we got to see as much of the architecture as we could.

Just before we left Nice to make our way to the airport we stumbled across a fantastic park called Promenade Du Paillon. It had a children’s playground which was amazing. It was huge, with so much for the kids to do and it even had fountains and sprinklers that the kids really enjoyed cooling down in. If you are in Nice with children I would 100% recommend checking it out.

We loved Nice, it’s a beautiful city with so much to see and do. We would definitely go again but would maybe go at a slightly quieter time of year. Have you ever been to Nice?

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