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North Wales Part 1 | The House and Portmeirion


Last week we spent a few days in the very beautiful North Wales, as always I took a crazy amount of photos and despite narrowing them down I still have a lot, so I’m going to split them into three seperate posts. This first post is about our accommodation and the beautiful village of Portmeirion.

The House

We stayed at a house in Dolggarog, which is situated in the heart of the Conwy valley and in-between Conwy and Betws-y-Coed. The house itself was quite secluded and surrounded by huge hills, it was a very tranquil setting and right next to the river. If you are think of visiting North Wales I think that this property is a great option if you are planning to drive out to visit different places. There isn’t much in Dolgarrog itself and the closest supermarket is in Conwy (20 minutes away), but it’s in a good location to be able to easily access lots of the beautiful must see sights that North Wales has to offer.

We were staying with family so the house was a big four bedroom property which slept up to eight people, so plenty big enough for the seven of us. The house also had a hot tub, which was great as we love hot tubs, Max in particular is a huge fan!


I had seen photos of Portmeirion on Pinterest before our trip and knew I wanted to visit as it looked so beautiful. I loved all the cute colourful buildings, very instagramable! It was about an hours drive from where we were staying in Dolgarrog, but so worth the journey.

Portmeirion was designed in the style of an Italian village and on the day that we were there the weather was absolutely beautiful, which really made it feel like we were abroad!

If you are planning a trip to North Wales I would thoroughly recommend visiting Portmeirion, especially on a sunny day, it is just beautiful and so peaceful. There was some construction work going on at the time that we were there which was little bit of a shame but didn’t cause us too much of a problem.

Thanks for reading.