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Santorini is absolutely and totally magnificent, especially the closer to summer we get. Indeed, the idyllic island with the unique morphology, volcanic landscape, spellbinding sunsets, and gorgeous coastline gets ready to welcome visitors from as early as mid-April. Although you won’t get the full range of experiences you can claim during a July visit, Santorini will still amaze you in the heart of spring! Here are some things you may not have known about Santorini, which will probably get you booking an April flight pronto!

The Shoulder Season – What’s in it for you?

1. Entertainment Options

Although a shoulder season, April is usually the month when the Greek Easter is celebrated. For those who don’t know its significance, the Orthodox Easter has the gravity of a US Spring Break. This means that there are plenty of activities, preparations, and events leading to the religious event and the festivities that follow it.

Indeed, most businesses are making preps to open, and many will start running as early as April (though May is the month when local businesses are in full swing). These include from firework displays and live music to celebratory feasts and meals. And, the island is gradually becoming more crowded (but nothing close to its jam-packed summer version) as tourists (mainly Greeks) choose to celebrate their Easter at Santorini.

Now, regarding the beach clubs and other facilities, you won’t have the abundance of the high season. Still, you can find several bars, restaurants, tavernas, cafes, and clubs open, providing more laid-back adventures and relaxing moments than in the summertime. Nevertheless, even if your entertainment options feel rather limited compared to the upcoming months, considering elite accommodation (which, by the way, is much cheaper than in July or August) will provide you with every pampering you’ll need, including fine dining, wellness centres, and even private entertainment options, besides elegant suites and luxourious villas overlooking the grandeur of the Aegean Sea! So, problem solved!

2. The (warm) Mediterranean weather 

Weather-wise, April is a great month to enjoy sightseeing and other activities, with lots of sunshine, away from the summer masses and the scorching sun. On average, the temps range between 13oC-18oC (55oF-64oF), which is more than inviting and warm, especially if you come from countries of the northern hemisphere!

That being said, though, don’t pack your summer clothes just yet! Instead, do bring a jacket, trousers, sweaters, comfy jeans, sweatpants (you may want to take on the Fira-Oia hiking challenge!) and other spring (or light winter) clothes.

Note, however, that it’s not unlikely to be greeted with summer-ish temperatures of around 25oC (77oF) the further we move into April! For some people, this is a swimming-allowing factor, enabling some beach adventures and sunbathing! However, chances are the sea won’t be ideal for things like sailing or splashing as it is usually still a bit rough, sometimes battered by the northern, Meltemi, winds. But, it’s fab for windsurfers!

What to do in Santorini in April

Apart from joining the Easter celebrations and mingle with the locals who are more than happy to share an oyzo shot or glass of their delicious and award-winning wines with visitors (or even treat them with a slice of homemade pie), you can certainly:

  1. Sunbathe and enjoy some beach time – Be prepared to be overwhelmed and utterly flabbergasted by the raw natural appeal of the terrain that features from rugged, reddish cliffs and black, red, or white volcanic sand to soaring volcanic formations adorning the coastline. Chances are you’ll have an entire beach all for yourself (or shared with just a handful of other people), which translates into peacefulness, tranquillity, and absolute bliss as you are surrounded by the endless shades of blue of the marvellous archipelago and the cloudless Mediterranean sky.
  2. Have a wine-tasting endeavour – Santorini is famous the world over for its wines. Local varieties that grow using ancient traditional and unique methods produce mouth-watering white and dessert wines, such as Assyrtiko. Joining a wine-tasting tour will let you sample several of the local wines at wineries that excite with their history and impressive facilities (some operate both as cellars and wine museums or art galleries in underground caves!).
  3. Go sightseeing – Every local attraction, from the awe-inspiring Caldera and the charming villages with the beautiful whitewashed Cycladic architecture to the infamous blue-domed churches, the prehistoric ruins at Akrotiri region, and the windmills are even more enjoyable when you don’t rub elbows with thousands of other tourists. This also means that you can easily combine a walking tour with another experience, such as a hiking expedition, a cruise, a private helicopter tour, parasailing, shopping, scuba diving, fishing, and anything else you fancy.
  4. Spoil yourself with utmost romance and pampering – Top-notch 5-star Santorini hotels intrigue their guests with a plethora of exclusive amenities, including spa treatments, massages, private dining options, and even absolutely personalised services for the maximum gratification of their guests. Now that the price tag associated with all these superb facilities and offers is much more cost-effective than in the heart of the summer, you have the unique opportunity to feel like royalty in more ways than one!
  5. Indulge in captivating sunsets – Whether you choose to stay at Imerovigli (hands-down the best option for the best Caldera views, best private jacuzzis and pools, and widest range of entertainment and nearby sightseeing options), Fira, or Oia, the spectacle you’ll get of the sun slipping behind the glistering Aegean Sea every evening will be heart-stopping for sure. From the privacy of your balcony or popular sunset watching spots along the Caldera rim, expect panoramas very few people get to see in a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

This, of course, is a very small taste of what you can get out of an April Santorini visit. The truth is that the gorgeous island and its friendly people know how to give every second spent here a unique flair, taste, aroma, and rhythm that feels exciting each and every time, be it April, June, or October!

Thank you for reading.


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