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Eastfield Farm

Strawberry picking is something that we love to do as a family each summer. It’s a lovely tradition that the kids really enjoy and as we didn’t manage to make it last year, we were determined to go this year.

Usually we go to Pearsons Farm in Dronfield but when we drove over there last week there was no signage, no staff and it looked as though it had closed down. They don’t have social media and don’t seem to answer the phone so it’s impossible to know whether they are open or not. So we decided to give up on Pearsons and try somewhere different instead and headed to Eastfield Farm in Tickhill.

strawberry picking eastfield farm

We’ve never been to Eastfield before but have heard great things about it. They also do PYO sunflowers and pumpkins in autumn. Eastfield Farm located on Doncaster Road, in Tickhill. It’s about a 40 minute drive from us in the north of Sheffield, so not too far and because they have active social media it was easy for us to confirm that they were actually open. In this day and age I can never understand why businesses don’t make the most of social media.

eastfield farmstrawberry picking

The farm is easy to find and there’s plenty of space in the car park. From the car park you have a short five minute walk down to the field where the strawberries are grown. We passed a few animals on the way down – horses, chickens and sheep, which the kids enjoyed saying hello to.

The farm has been open for strawberry picking for a couple of weeks now and from what I can gather it has been very popular, so we were expecting to have to hunt a bit for our strawberries, but it wasn’t too bad at all. We managed to fill our two punnets in about 20 minutes.

strawberry picking eastfield farm strawberry picking

We did get caught in a bit of rain but it definitely didn’t ruin our fun. It wasn’t very busy there either, but I imagine the weather and the fact that it was midweek meant it was quieter than usual. If you’re visiting on a weekend and/or on a sunny day I would expect it to be a lot busier.

Strawberries are priced at £3.50 per kg.

strawberry picking eastfield farm strawberry picking

We really enjoyed our visit to Eastfield Farm and would highly recommend it for PYO strawberries. We will definitely be back again when the sunflowers are out, and again in October for pumpkins. We can’t wait!

You can visit Eastfield Farm’s website here, or follow them on Facebook for updates.

strawberry picking eastfield farm

Have you ever been to Eastfield Farm?

Thank you for reading.