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Being a parent is not an easy thing to do and especially when you have to pick the weekend activities. The trickiest part is that you have to come up with a fun idea that everyone is going to appreciate and that it fits every age and taste.

This might not seem easy most of the time because each of your children has different preferences and needs and this is absolutely normal. If you are a parent and you are currently living in London, you are very lucky! London is a city where you can find numerous fun activities for you and your family.

So, for this weekend the best activity that you can choose is trying out mini-golf, don’t worry if you don’t know many places for this activity, because here you will find the best family-friendly mini-golf courses in London.

Plonk crazy golf in London

In London, you can find many places indoors and outdoors for mini-golf courses. The family-friendly crazy golf with plonkgolf.co.uk has to be your first option. You can book your course in any of the locations near to your place and visit it. In plonk golf, you can find a variety of different fields and all of them are fun and colorful. You can also find some arcade games that you and your kids can try. Of course, food and drinks can’t miss the menu. Last but not least there are no time restrictions so you can take your time perfecting your strike, playing, and running behind the golf ball.

2. Putt in the park

Another good and fun park that you can find in many places in London is Putt in the Park. These parks are outdoors, so you will have the opportunity not only to spend a fun time playing golf with your kids but at the same time you can enjoy a shiny day and breathe some fresh air. Of course, in Putt in the park, you can have a nice lunch with Italian dishes and drinks.

3. Jungle Falls adventure golf

Jungle Falls is the perfect place to visit if your kid loves to explore wild animals and is interested in Jungle adventures. In this park, you will find a big variety of golf courses and at the same time, your kid can enjoy the waterfalls, the landscape of tropical palm trees, and meet the life-sized creatures.

4. Jurassic encounter

This mini-golf park is an hour’s drive from Central London and it’s really worth it, especially if your kids love dinosaurs, they are going to love this place! The most amazing thing in this park is that there are giant dinosaurs that move and bark at players. It feels like you are in the movie “Jurassic Park”, but at the same time, you get to play a cool game of mini-golf with your family. Of course, you can find a kiosk where you can buy some snacks and water.

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