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If you’re on holiday in Fuertenventura and you’re looking for some things to do with your kids, outside of your resort then look no further than this post. Here are six activities that are gauranteed to be fun for the whole family…

Sand Dunes

This was our absolute favourite day in Fuerteventura. The sand dunes at Corralejo are incredibly beautiful and so much fun for the children to run up and down and play in the sand. I think my two would have stayed there all day if we’d have let them.

The beach there is also incredibly beautiful, in fact probably the best beach I have ever been to. But do be warned that the sea is very choppy so keep a close eye on little ones.

Acua Water Park 

I hold my hands up and admit that I’m not the biggest fan of water parks, but even I enjoyed our day at Acua Water Park in  Corralejo. Acua is actually the only water park in Fuerteventura so understandably it’s very popular. We visited in April and arrived shortly after it opened at around 11am. It was pretty quiet but did get increasingly busy in the afternoon.

With over 25,000 m2 of unlimited fun, the water park offers more than 14 attractions suitable for all audiences, as well as a wide range of dining options, entertainment service, and children’s club.

If you’re not into water slides and just want to relax in the sun, there’s plenty of sun loungers dotted around the park. Me and Evie took full advantage of them!


The town of Corralejo in the north of the island is a great place to explore with children. There’s beaches, bars and restaurants, shops and much more. We took a walk around the harbour one day, which we all enjoyed. A great day for the whole family.

Oasis Park

Oasis Park zoo is located in the south of the island but wherever you’re staying it is well worth the journey. They actually offer a free bus service at various locations around the island. It is honestly one of the best zoos that we have ever been to. We also got to ride on camels which was an amazing experience!

Read more about Oasis Park here.

Boat trip

We didn’t have time to fit in a boat trip, which was a shame as it’s something we would have loved to have done with the children. There’s lots of options when it comes to boat trips – head over to the neighbouring island of Lanzarote, visit Lobos Island or even hop aboard the Pedra Sartaña pirate ship!

Visit Betancuria

We initially decided to visit Betancuria more for ourselves than the kids, we didn’t expect there to be much for them to do there. But actually they really enjoyed exploring the little town. There’s even a playground for the kids, which of course they loved.

On the drive up the mountains to reach Betancuria there are several points where you can pull in to check out the views. The kids loved feeling like they were up at the top of a mountain.

Have you ever visited Fuerteventura with kids? Is there anything else you would recommend doing with children?

Thank you for reading.