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Whether you’re going on a family trip in the summer or a solo holiday getaway, you should think about getting a villa home. If you like your privacy and peace of mind, it’s a better option than going to a hotel. Think about how this quiet time can rejuvenate you before going back to your daily routine. Here are some tips on how to book a villa rental.

Research the Area Before Booking the Villa

It’s nice to book a St. John villa rental. Consider the location of it. Is the area a bit secluded?

You may want to get something with a personal vibe to help you cool things down before your day of adventure. Also, you might want a party atmosphere. Being next to a busy beachfront can get you right next to the action.

The more convenient, the higher the price. Talk to the villa owners about their pricing and how much everything will cost for your length of stay.

Make Sure It Has the Right Amenities

Before confirming your location, speak to the owner about anything you need. You might want to have a security system or even utilize a maid service that will clean things up while you enjoy the day out with family.

Also, you might want access to a garage to help you store your rental cars. WiFi access would be convenient to stay in touch with family and do a little business while on your trip. It’ll feel great to telecommute with your business partners as well.

Check for any online reviews of the place because they have pictures and personal experiences from people who’ve stayed at that location. Also, the owner may have posted videos of the spot to help you get a better idea of what you’re renting.

Is It Big Enough for a Family?

You may want a family trip to catch up with everyone. A hotel might not provide the space needed to enjoy your vacation. Speak with the owners to see if it’s convenient for a small family.

Maybe it’s a three-bedroom villa with two bathrooms. Is the place just one level? Maybe there are two floors with a basement. It would be ideal for your loved ones to have more room to relax in different areas if they need to have some private time before reconnecting with the family.

Always ask questions about the rental home before booking your next trip.

Thank you for reading.


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