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tips cruising kids

Booking a family cruise is something that we have been looking into for a while now. Although we haven’t actually been on one yet, I have been doing lots of research. I was particularly interested to learn more about cruising with children, whether it would be suitable for them, would they enjoy it? Or is more of a adults only holiday?

I’ve discovered some really great tips through online research and chatting with people who have already been on cruises. So I thought it might be useful to share some of those tips here…

Do your research

There is SO much information out there to help you book your perfect cruise holiday. Bolsover Cruise Club is a great place to start as they have lots of reviews, guides and even a forum where you can access plenty of advice and tips.

I also found talking to people who had already been on family cruise holidays was a huge help. Hearing their stories and first had experience really helped me to come to a decision about whether a cruise was right for our family.

Take advantage of kids clubs

There are lots of family cruise ships out there these days with plenty of activities for children to get involved in. Lots offer kids clubs which is a must for us. As with any holiday, make sure you check out the kids club facilities on your first day to get a feel for it and to see if your children will be comfortable spending some time there. Some cruise lines also offer babysitting services which is worth looking into.

Free child places

There are a few cruise lines that offer free child places, so again make sure you do your research to get the best deal. Cruise holidays can be expensive so being able to get free child places for us makes something that was just a dream holiday, a reality.

Family accommodation options

Some cruise lines offer accommodation specifically for families such as Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line. If this isn’t an option you’ll need to decide whether one cabin is enough for your family or whether you’ll need two adjoining rooms instead. Some really useful information on cabins for families can be found here.

What to pack

Of course you need to consider all of the destinations that you will be visiting and what the weather will be like there. You’ll also need to pack warmer clothes for evenings as the weather can get a little cooler onboard cruise ships. You will need formal clothes for evening dining too.

Have you ever been on a family cruise? Do you have any more advice to offer?

Thank you for reading.

*This is a collaborative post*