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Travelling with a medical condition isn’t always easy but with a little bit of planning it is absolutely possible. Don’t let your health condition put you off seeing the world and living your life to the fullest. Follow these seven simple steps for a stress free holiday…

1. Pick your destination carefully

There’s no point picking a destination that you won’t safely be able to explore. Think about the temperature, will very hot places exasperate your condition? Or maybe you would struggle with colder climates? You should also consider how you will get around. Do you struggle to walk long distances? This is definitely something that should be taken into consideration when choosing your holiday destination.

2. Speak to your doctor

Before you start planning your trip, you should consult with your GP. They will be able to tell you if you are fit to travel and what you will need to take with you. They may be able to suggest a suitable destination that would suit you and your condition. Your doctors opinions is extremely valuable so make sure you take their advice onboard.

3. Consider what medication and equipment you will need

Following on from my last point, your doctor will also have been able to tell you what medication and equipment you will need to take with you. This needs to be planned with great care as you wouldn’t want to get to your destination and realise you have forgotten something really important! Equipment such as an oxygen concentrator may be required and can be purchased online along with any other accessories you may need.

4. Insurance

This one is super important as you need to make sure that your medical condition is covered under your travel insurance. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest travel insurance policy, because chances are your condition won’t be covered. Shop around and do your research to ensure you are suitably covered for your holiday.

5. Vaccinations

Vaccinations are often necessary for you to travel to certain countries, but your medical condition may actually prevent you from being able to have them. You should research what vaccinations are needed in your country of travel and consult your doctor to see if you are able to have them. If you can’t, you may need to rethink your destination. In these pandemic times, if you choose New York as a traveling destination, you may want to add getting a rapid PCR COVID test in NYC to your trip preparations. Getting tested before you go can help ensure that you’re well enough to travel and aren’t unintentionally spreading the virus to others, especially if you are asymptomatic.

6. Planning and organisation

This is the key to a successful and stress free holiday. As well as planning what you need to take with you on your trip, make sure you plan the details of each day. Are you heading out on an excursion? Make sure you take enough medication to see you through the day. The same goes for the flight. It’s important to consider the flight time and what you will need access to during those hours.

7. Take it easy! 

Finally, don’t try and do too much on your trip! Take it easy and enjoy your time away without overdoing it. Doing so will most likely exasperate your condition and potentially ruin your time away.

Have you ever travelled with a medical condition? Do you have any further tips to add?

Thank you for reading.


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