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Tips Venice with kids

Venice is an amazing place but often people think that it just isn’t suitable for kids. We took our children with us when we visited last month and both of them really enjoyed it. I’ve been asked a few times how it was with the kids, so I thought that I would put together this post.

Here are few things that we think worked well for us and helped both us and the children get the most out of the trip…

Take regular breaks

When we visited the city in July it was very hot, so regular breaks were very much needed to cool down. But even if you are visiting in the cooler months, taking regular breaks with children is still important as there is so much walking involved.

Luckily there’s plenty of places to stop for drinks and snacks, and of course yummy Italian gelato!

Kids tours

We had booked to go on a kids tour of Venice before our trip. Unfortunately we timed it wrong and ended up missing the tour, which we were so dissappointed about. I think it would have been fantastic for the kids as the tour covered all the main sights as well as stopping for regular breaks and fun activities to help keep little ones interested.

We found that this website is a great place to book tours.

Be realistic

Although Venice can be a fantastic place for the whole family, we found that we needed to be realistic about how much exploring the kids could manage. As I mentioned earlier, it was very hot when we were there so we had to limit our time in Venice to just a few hours at a time. This may have meant that we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to but at least everyone was happy and enjoyed the things that we did manage to do. Which is much better than trying to force two tired, grumpy children around a foreign city.

Take in the views

One of the best things we did in Venice was climb to the top of the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi shopping centre to see the views. I believe there are other towers and buildings in Venice that you can climb, but I would highly recomend T Fondaco dei Tedeschi which is completely free.

Our children absolutely loved doing this, they loved being able to look down on the city, see the canals and spot all of the places we had already been to.

Be careful around the canals

Our children are five and seven and we didn’t have too much of a problem with the canals, but we did have to remind them every now and again to keep away from the edges.

If you have younger children, just make sure you keep a close eye on them near the edges of the canals as some of the streets are very narrow and when they are busy I imagine it could be quite easy to slip and fall in.

Forget the pushchair

Our children are old enough to not need a pushchair thankfully, and I am very grateful for that as I think Venice would be very difficult to navigate with a pushchair in tow. As I menioned earlier some of the streets are very narrow and busy, so getting a puschair through would be very challanging.

There’s also a lot of steps over the bridges, yet another obstacle for pushchairs. We did see a few people with pushchairs struggling up and down the steps. My advice would be to let your child walk if possible, use a sling or wait a couple of years until they are old enough to walk.

Have you ever visited Venice?

Thank you for reading.