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Last week we went on our very first Eurocamp holiday to Marina Di Venzia, Punta Sabbioni which is close to Venice. Being so close to Venice we took full advantage and spend a couple of days in the city. It is an absolutely amazing place, unlike anywhere I’ve been before and even in 35 degree heat it was great to be able to spend some time there.

I will be sharing a review of our Eurocamp holiday very soon, but for now I just couldn’t wait to share some photos of beautiful Venice with you all.

Venice was a short 30 minute ferry ride from where we were staying in Punta Sabbioni. I was a little nervous about this beforehand having a travel sick child who has never been on a ferry before. But thankfully, it was all good and we all enjoyed the ferry rides.

On our first day in Venice we had pre booked a tour but us being us, timed it all wrong and completely missed it! So we decided to just have a wander around with no real plans. As I mentioned before, it was crazy hot so we made sure we took regular breaks, and thankfully the narrow streets around Venice are cool in the shade.

One of the first things we stumbled upon was Saint Mark’s Square, home to St Mark’s cathedral which is absolutely incredible and most definitely the most impressive cathedral I have ever seen, and probably ever will see for that matter!

Lunch on this day, and pretty much every day in Italy was pizza and bruschetta. We ate so much pizza in Italy, I’m suprised we didn’t turn into one…

We had hoped to take a gondola ride while in Venice, I mean have you even been to Venice if you didn’t ride in a gondola?! But we tried to limit our time in the city because of the heat and because there’s only so much walking my two will do before their moaning becomes unbearable. So this meant that we didn’t get the chance to ride in a gondola, but at least that’s a good reason for me to go back one day I guess…

Next we headed to the famous Rialto Bridge, which gives you amazing views of the Grand Canal.

We headed back to the ferry after Rialto Bridge as the kids had had enough by this point. We had a brilliant first day in Venice though and couldn’t wait to go back again.

Day two in Venice and you’ll be pleased to hear that I didn’t take quite so many photos! The weather was just as hot so we stuck to the shade as much as possible and took regular breaks for drinks and of course gelato! This visit was much more planned though and we knew exactly where we wanted to visit.

First up was book store Libreria Acqua Alta to see its famous staircase made entirely out of books…

I had asked on Instagram for recommendations of places to visit in Venice. Someone said there is a department store called T Fondaco dei Tedeschi where you can head up to the roof top and look out over the city. It’s just a standard department store and if it hadn’t been for the recommendation we would have had no idea about it, as there aren’t really any signs in the store. The views were absolutely incredible, 100% recommend doing this if you ever visit Venice.

And a final few photos (yes, I took A LOT!)…

Have you ever been to Venice?

Thank you for reading.