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20 Ways to Get Kids Outdoors this Summer

kids outdoors

As the weather begins to improve, I’ve started thinking of ways to get the kids outdoors more. Don’t get me wrong my kids do love being outside but sometimes actually coaxing them out and away from their iPads can be a challenge!

So here are 20 ways that can help you to get your kids outdoors and active this spring and summer…

1. Have a picnic 

Probably the easiest way to get my kids outside is to offer them food! Whether it’s a picnic as part of a day out somewhere to just lunch on the back garden, my kids love it.

2. Gardening 

This is something that my dad often does with the kids. They absolutely love helping to plant seeds, watering them and then watching them grow. Sunflowers are a great one for kids in summer as they can have a little competition to see who’s is the biggest.

3. Play on the scooters 

My kids were a little late to the scooter craze to be honest but now they love them! If we need to do something a bit boring like a quick trip to the shop, letting them take their scooters makes the whole thing much easier for me and more fun for them! Win win! Skate Hut have a fantastic range of scooters and some great offers too, definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for a new one.

4. Go for a bike ride 

Max has had a bike for a couple of years now but we’re still trying to teach him to ride it without stabilisers, it’s a slow process! Evie just got one for her birthday so they are both really enjoying getting out and riding around on them, it’s great exercise for them too.

5. Build a den 

We did this in the living room a couple of months back and the kids had great fun! So I’m planning to do the same in the garden in the summer, I know they will really enjoy it.

6. Make daisy chains 

I’ve actually never done this with the kids, but it’s something I remember doing as a child. I definitely need to introduce them to it, it’s a great way to pass some time and of course it’s free!

7. Go for a walk 

I have to admit that whenever I suggest going for a walk to my children, they always whinge and moan about it! But, once we’re actually out they love it. They enjoy exploring, running, jumping, climbing and just generally being kids!

8. Nature crafts 

This is a good one that could tie in with number 7. Have a look on Pinterest for some fun nature crafts, such as leaf rubbings, painting pinecones, painting pebbles etc. Then get the kids to go out exploring and searching for the things they will need for their craft.

9. Go for a walk at night! 

Things look very different at night, different sounds, different animals, different atmosphere. Give them a touch each and they will be in their element. The moonlight will make it pretty magical too.

10. Play sports 

Whether it’s tennis, football, badminton or cricket. Let the kids pick what they would like to try, maybe something that’s new to them and encourage them to have a go at it. We recently started playing tennis and Max loves it!

11. Bird watching

This is something that I never would have thought my kids would be interested in, but it turns out they are! We got a free pair of binoculars with our National Trust membership and Evie is obsessed with them and has been using them to spot birds ever since!

12. Inspect spotting 

Head out in the garden or the woods and make a list of all the different insects you can spot. Get the kids to guess what insect it is too.

13. Pick fruit 

Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries etc. It’s a great way to show children where their food comes from and lots of fun too!

14. Garden games 

I have fond memories of playing games in the garden as a child, and I want the same for my children too. There’s lots of traditional garden games to choose from such as croquet, quoits, skittles, boules etc. But also some great modern games like giant connect 4, giant snakes and ladders and giant jenga.

15. Splash! 

If all else fails, let them splash about in the water. Get the sprinklers out, get the paddling pool, let them go wild!

16. Go to the beach 

A beach day is always a winner with kids. Paddling in the sea, eating ice cream, fish and chips and building sandcastles, it’s what childhood is all about.

17. Cloud watching

I love doing this with my children. We lay back and watching the clouds rolling by and try to spot shapes, animals and anything else that the clouds might form.

18. Fly a kite 

Another one that I am yet to do with my children, we will definitely have to do this over the summer, maybe at the beach.

19. Puddle jumping 

It’s inevitable here in the UK that there will be some rain even at the hight of summer! But that doesn’t have to stop you going outdoors. Let the kids put their wellies on and go looking for puddles, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained.

20. Toast marshmallows

Finally, we are going to get a chimenea or a fire pit soon and over summer we will have some evenings out on the garden toasting marshmallows. It sounds like perfection to me.

Do your children like being outdoors? How do you encourage them to get out?

Thanks for reading.

*Collaborative post*