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baby bath

*This is a guest article*

Having your first child is both interesting and frightening at the same time. You can not help but admire your baby while doting on every little thing that it does. You will probably find everything cute, even the fuss that the baby makes before an everyday chore like having a bath. Children mostly do not like bathing and it takes a little extra to get them inside one without making a scene. There are some things that you can do that can make this process a little easier in case your patience is being tested a little too often. Let’s go through them.

It is important to understand that there is always a reason why children dread going into a bath. They don’t have a problem with simply bathing but there is always an activity during bathing, before or after it that they are afraid of.

1. Getting soap in their eyes

If by chance the baby gets soap into its eyes then the sensation of the pain will be forever etched into its memory. You won’t be able to make the child forget the pain and there will always be resistance to bathing. A simple solution to this would be to replace these shampoos with no-tears shampoo. These shampoos are made especially for children and do not hurt their eyes. Using this shampoo will help get the fear of burning eyes away from the child.

baby bath

2. Stopping a pleasing activity

One major reason why kids don’t like going for a bath is that they have to cease the activity that they are doing which would mostly be something fun according to them. A lot of kids realize that once they go for a bath they won’t be able to take their toys or iPad into the bath with them. What you can do is place some toys or other baby bath supplies in the bath that are water-resistant. Offer them up to the baby as soon as you place them into the bath. Or, you can probably fix the iPad near the bathtub so that the kid can keep watching something on it.

3. Slipping and drowning

Bathtubs are slippery and especially for babies who already have a weak center of gravity. Children slip and fall and develop the fear of drowning in a tub when things get slippery. A good way to prevent this fear from building up would be to install something like a railing in the tub or something that the baby can hold while standing up. Practicing standing up with confidence can easily help your baby get past such an issue.

4. Make it interesting

A bath is usually not a very interesting thing to be doing for babies and thus they resist going for it. What you can do is try to make the bath interesting. For example, you can start using a proper bubble bath solution to get the tub full of bubbles. Nothing excites children more than a few colorful bubbles floating around in a bathtub. IF you do this right the child might even start looking forward to baths.

There are many ways in which you can make sure that your child starts enjoying baths or at least doesn’t make too much of a fuss about it. You can go through these aforementioned points to get an idea.

Thank you for reading.


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