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Den Building and #HalfTermHygge

den building

It’s half term for us this week and as the weather isn’t great so far, we were really pleased when Plusnet sent us over a half term hygge box, full of goodies and inspiration for a lovely cosy day at home.

Our box was full of everything that we needed to get our hygge on, including fairy lights, bunting, popcorn, hot chocolate spoon, instructions on how to hygge, Danish butter biscuits recipe and even some fort-spiration.

If you don’t already know what hygge (pronounced H-O-O-G-A) is, it’s a Danish way of living which is all about getting together and being cosy and content. Like catching up over a cuppa or relaxing by a fire when it’s chucking it down outside – that’s hygge!

So what better way to spend a grey, windy and rainy Monday than to hygge by building ourselves a den, drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn in front of a good movie?

I’m actually really impressed with how our den turned out, it’s the first time me and the children have made one together and they absolutely loved it. It was really easy to do, we just used a bed sheet draped over our furniture and then covered the floor with cushions. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely climbed in there myself, it was super cosy and it really took me back to being a kid!

After we’d spent some time playing in the den we put on Harry Potter and made our hot chocolate and popcorn. We didn’t have all the ingredients we needed for the Danish butter biscuits but we will be making a trip to the supermarket and having a go at making them later this week, as they sound seriously delicious.

If you would like to join in with the Plusnet #halftermhygge campaign you can get all the information here.

Thank you to Plusnet for sending us this box, we had great fun with it!

What’s you perfect hygge moment?

Thanks for reading.


1 Comment

  1. February 22, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    Looks like you had a great time den building and embracing a little Hygge this half term xxx