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Four Going on Fourteen…


This little lady has always been our easy one. She was a fairly easy baby, or at least as easy as babies get. We never had the terrible twos, she did have her threenager moments but on the whole she has pretty much been a breeze.

But then she turned four…

Jeez, four year olds are hard work! Since turning four in March Evie has got harder and harder to handle. Attitude, tantrums, answering back, not doing as she’s asked, not eating, storming off and slamming her bedroom door, the list goes on…

When she started school last month things got even more difficult and over the past couple of weeks have really come to a peak. Obviously starting school has been a huge adjustment for her and thankfully she is just about settled in now, after weeks of tears at drop off.

We had her parents evening yesterday and her teachers are really happy with how she’s doing. She’s making friends, is keen to learn and join in and is pretty much exactly where she needs to be right now. And we are so pleased.

The difficulties start when we picked her up from school. Earlier this week I collected her from school and literally the second she came out she started sobbing because she dropped something on the floor, which was of course my fault. The crying continued all the way home and escalated when we got in the house. She was in complete meltdown mode for a good hour without even telling us what the problem was. We were even asking her whether she felt unwell because she was being so completely hysterical.

She has even started ‘falling out’ with people for absolutely no reason. She refused to speak to my mum or be around her a few days ago, and she is usually her favourite person in the world. Eventually she told us that it was because she had told her to wait for something and Evie didn’t like the way she had said it! See what I mean? SO. MUCH. DRAMA!

It doesn’t help that she is picking up bad habits from her brother, but that’s a whole different story and something that I am unsure how to deal with.

We are just praying that after October half term she will be refreshed and not quite so tired and grumpy! Because right now she is very difficult to be around and I would quite like my sweet little girl back…

Please tell me it’s not just my four year old that’s like this?

Thanks for reading.