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child coin collecting

I don’t know about your kids, but mine show a natural interest in coins. As they are getting older and starting to understand the value of money, they like collecting coins of their own. Even if it’s just coins from holidays, that they can’t use here in the UK, they are still precious to them.

Coin collecting is a great hobby for little ones to get started with and something that could stay with them all their lives. Here are a few tips for introducing children to coin collecting…

Themed coins

A good way to get children interested in coin collecting is to start them off with coins with their favourite characters on. There are ones with Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, famous footballers and many more. Golden Eagle Coin have some really great Christmas coins available. You can check out the range here.

Buy a coin collecting album

Start children off with their new hobby by buying them a brand new coin collecting album. They are guaranteed to be excited about filled up the pages with their shiny treasure.

Start small

Coin collecting can be an expensive hobby so start off small. Like I mentioned earlier, old coins from foreign countries is a good place to start. That way you’re not spending loads of money and can figure out whether this is going to be something that your child will enjoy or not.

Magazine subscriptions

There are lots of coin collecting magazines out there, and some are specifically aimed at beginners. This could be a great place to start for a child as a monthly subscription will also help keep them interested and excited each time a new magazine arrives.

Buy a magnifying glass

It’s recommended that coin collectors use a magnifying glass to help them see the detail on coins. This is especially important for children as it will really help to get them interested and involved in their new hobby. I know that my two would love feeling like little detectives with their magnifying glass and precious coin collection.

Do your children collect coins?

Thank you for reading.

*Disclosure – This is a collaborative post*