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Keeping Children Safe in Playgrounds

safe playgrounds

When you have young children it’s pretty much guaranteed that you spend a lot of time at playgrounds, I know we do! Most playgrounds are safe and kids can enjoy themselves and parents can have a little break without worrying too much. But, unfortunately some playgrounds can be dangerous so it’s a good idea to keep in mind a few simple tips to ensure that your children remain safe while they play.


I know that playgrounds mean that us parents get to have a little bit of a break, a sit down and maybe a chat with a friend. But keeping an eye on your children is so important, it only takes a second for them to run in to the path of a swing or wander off, I’ve learnt that the hard way!

Age appropriate equipment

Most playgrounds will have separate areas and equipment for different age groups so it’s wise to make sure that your child is playing on the correct equipment for their age, so that they don’t get hurt.

Check that equipment is safe

It’s not necessary to go around the whole playground carefully inspecting absolutely everything! But it is a good idea to have a quick scan around the area to make sure that everything looks to safe and in full working order. Also, make sure that there are soft surfaces in the playground, as we all know how often little ones fall over! Softsurfaces.co.uk provide a great range of surfaces with fantastic graphics, which can be educational as well as fun for children.

Consider the weather conditions

If it’s been raining your likely to stay away from the playground anyway, but if you don’t, then be aware that equipment will be slippery which of course is a big hazard. Equally if it’s sunny, equipment gets hot, especially slides! So it’s best to make sure children’s legs are covered so they don’t burn.


Probably the most important tip is to simply communicate with your child. Explain what they can and can’t do in the playground. Just in case you do take your eyes off them briefly explain that they must stay within a certain area, wait their turn on the slide, don’t stand behind swings etc.

Thanks for reading.

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