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Learning to Read with Reading Eggs

reading eggs

Over the summer holidays we have been trying out the Reading Eggs app. With Evie about to start school we thought it would be a great way to start to introduce reading to her, and I’m pleased to say she has really enjoyed using it.

Reading Eggs teaches children how to read in a fun and interactive way, by using phonics within a series of lessons and activities. It is aimed at ages 3 – 13 so takes children through from the very basics of learning to read to teaching more confident readers comprehension and grammar.

The Reading Eggs programme has been developed by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers. The Reading Eggs programme focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success. It completely supports what children learn at school and will help to improve your child’s school results.

There are three Reading Eggs stages – Reading Eggs Junior (age 2 – 4), Reading Eggs (3 – 7 years) and Reading Eggspress (7 – 13 years). Before you begin your child can take the placement test to find out which level they should be at. We took the placement test and Evie was placed in the 3 – 7 years stage.

Reading Eggs is really fun and engaging for young children as they are taken through lots of fun activities and lessons. Your child will follow along a map collecting eggs as they go, which makes it even more fun and encouraging for them. I honestly don’t even think Evie realised she was learning, she just thought she was playing games, which is exactly why Reading Eggs works so well.

I particularly liked the family dashboard area, which is great for parents who want to be able to see how their child is progressing. On the dashboard you will find your child’s estimated reading age – Evie’s came out at 4.5 years which is spot on! Here you will also find your child’s reading progress, spelling progress and how many golden eggs they have collected so far.

I would highly recommend Reading Eggs for anyone who’s child is just starting to learn to read, as well as for those who’s children are more advanced but need a little help and encouragement with their reading. If you would like to give Reading Eggs a try you can access a free five week trial by simply following this link.

Have you tried Reading Eggs yet?

Thank you for reading!

*This is a collaborative post*