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The Hengelings

We all know how annoying it can be when your kids watch the same TV shows over and over again. Us parents get to a point where we can’t bear to watch anymore Peppa Pig, or listen to the Paw Patrol theme tune yet again. So you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a brand new kids TV show coming soon…

Introducing The Hengelings!

The Hengelings uses stop-motion puppets and a large model replica of the English monument Stonehenge, to indulge a young audience into a world of fantasy, adventure and humour. Each episodes begins with the sun rising over the famous stones to reveal a small family of friendly stone-like creatures that inhabit the site. Each episode ends with the sun setting and the stone-textured creatures returning to bed.

There are four Hengelings in total, SARCEN, the father, SOLSTICE, the mother, LINTEL, the young girl, and MORTICE, the young boy – All names associated with Stonehenge.

The first episode – The Frozen Rainbow follows The Hengelings as snow falls on their land and causes a rainbow to freeze. The Old Wise Stone informs The Hengelings that in order to restore the land to its natural cycle, they must fix the frozen rainbow. Will the Hengelings be able to unfreeze the rainbow and see the sun shining on their land once again?

The show is aimed at children aged 1 – 7 so it’s perfect for my two. We’ve watched the trailer together and we’re all really excited to see more of The Hengelings.

Here’s a little teaser…

The Hengelings communicate in a series of expressive sounds, rather than words which reminds me of shows I used to watch when I was little, such as Pingu! I think it’s a great way of capturing children’s attention as they need to really focus on what’s happening. It’s also really cute! Don’t you agree?

What do you think to The Hengelings? Will your children be watching?

Thank you for reading.

*Disclosure – This is a collaborative post*