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Plusnet fairytales

As a family, we love reading and feel that storytelling is an important part of childhood. As much as my children enjoy traditional fairytales, I find that they are often outdated and can be difficult for children to relate to. So when I heard about Plusnet’s Once Upon A Time Online campaign I was really excited to get involved.

Once Upon A Time Online is a fantastic collaboration between Plusnet and Larry Lamb. Together they have taken three classic fairytales and retold them with a modern day, tech twist for today’s iPad generation. The new fairytales are funny and straight talking, and can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. They are the perfect way to get the family together and keep storytelling alive.

The first story that we watched together was Cinderella. In this modern version Cinderella wants to become a singer and so she auditions for the LexFactor. She wears trainers instead of glass slippers and travels in a taxi rather than a carriage. I absolutely love the moral messages in these stories, which I enjoyed discussing with the children. In this one Cinderella doesn’t need to be rescued from her wicked step mother and step sisters by a Prince, she does that all by herself.

This fairytale teaches children that you should always be yourself and not to worry about social media and filters. This is a really important message for children growing up today as social media is going to play a big part in their lives.

Probably our favourite of the three tales was Little Red Riding Hood. Red is a tough little girl who isn’t into all the princess stuff, which really resonated with Evie who is much more of a tomboy. The kids laughed out loud at Little Red Riding Hood’s red puffer jacket that she wears instead of the traditional cloak. They were able to relate to the story when it mentioned phones, apps, selfies and filters. And as with the first story there were some great moral messages here too – don’t believe everything you see online and never judge a book by it’s cover.

The third and final fairytale is Jack and the Beanstalk. In this twist on a classic fairytale, Jack is a vlogger who ends up going viral. Max particularly enjoyed this one because he’s really into Youtube and wants to make his own videos when he’s older. When we’d finished watching this story I asked him what he had learned and he told me that he should always follow his dreams, aim high and never give up. What a wonderful message for a child to hear.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching these fairytales together as a family. The kids were able to relate to the stories much more than with classic fairytales. It was great to sit and watch something that we could all enjoy and laugh at together. But most importantly I really liked the moral messages in these videos which are so important for todays online generation.

All three stories are currently available to watch on Plus.net/OnceUponaTimeOnline, where Larry Lamb adds his tech twists to the traditional tales – with illustrations for each available to view on @Plusnet’s Instagram page.

Plusnet was born in Sheffield in 1997 with a simple plan – to think and act differently from other communications providers and save consumers and businesses money. That’s not changed since the day they launched; over 20 years later they’re still providing great value phone, broadband and mobile services nationwide, from their HQ in Yorkshire. Plusnet prides itself on being ‘proud to care’ for its customers, with a straight-talking tone that celebrates its down-to-earth Yorkshire heritage.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Plusnet*