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*This is a sponsored post*

I recently discovered the PAJ GPS Allround finder, which can be used to track our most valuable possessions. As a parent, it has come in very handy for us as our son starts wanting a little more freedom and independence. It’s a brilliant device, that’s easy to use and also excellent value at just £49.99.

My son Max is now 11 and has recently wanted to spend time playing out with his friends and walking to and from school alone. It’s difficult as a mum to give him that freedom without worrying about where he is and if he is safe. We always ask him to take his phone with him so we can contact him, but getting him to actually answer our calls is another story! And then there’s the fact that he runs out of data extremely quickly so it’s almost impossible to track his whereabouts. That’s where the PAJ GPS tracker has been a life saver for us.

The PAJ GPS Allround

The PAJ GPS Allround gives you precise, worldwide, live location information. The device is small so it’s easy to carry around or fit into a small space. It comes with a sim card already installed so you can get started with the tracker right away.

“The idea for PAJ GPS was born during the studies of our founders while they were looking for a solution to find lost objects and ideally prevent them from getting lost in advance. Therefore, our company’s main aim is to protect everything you hold dear!”

What can I use the PAJ finder for?

You can use the device for so many different things, not just for keeping track of your children like I have. It could be used to track your vehicle incase of theft, your luggage, bike or scooter. You could even use it for elderly relatives, specifically ones who may be prone to getting lost. It really does give you peace of mind.

Alarms can be set for when the device enters or exits a predefined area. This feature is particularly helpful for me as a parent as it means I will be notified straight away if Max leave the area that he has been asked to stay in.

User friendly

Download the portal onto your mobile device and you will instantly be able to see where your PAJ device is located. I was really impressed by how easy it was to set up, it took no time at all. When my device arrived I simply plugged in the USB cable and charged it for the recommended amount of time. Next, I downloaded the app onto my phone, which was set up and ready to go in minutes. As soon as my PAJ tracker was fully charge and turned on I could see the location via the app. It really couldn’t be easier to use.

I am so impressed with the PAJ GPS Allround finder that I’m considering buying another one for when my daughter starts going out alone with her friends. It’s been so useful and has saved me so much worry. As I mentioned earlier, it’s incredibly easy to set up, if I can do it anyone can! And for £49.99 I really cannot fault the PAJ Allround finder.

Have you ever tried a PAJ GPS tracker? Is it something you would consider buying to keep track of your children?

Thank you for reading.


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