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Remove permanent marker pen

How to remove permanent marker pen…

We have a brand new dining table in our house. It’s white, which might not be the post practical colour with children around, but we went for it anyway. I made sure that the kids knew to draw either on the floor or at their desk, and definitely not on the shiny new white dining table…

So imagine my horror when I walked into the dining room last week, to find Evie colouring in and black pen all over my table. Not ideal, right? It gets worse. On closer inspection I discovered that it was in fact permanent marker! My own fault I guess, I don’t even know why we have a permanent marker pen in the house and it certainly shouldn’t have been in the kids reach.

I found myself frantically trying to scrub it off with baby wipes and Method anti bacterial spray, which did absolutely nothing to help. Then I turned to Google. I found that anti bacterial hand gel can be used to remove stains, so I gave it a try. It really helped and the pen marks became very faint, but it didn’t completely remove them.

Then I remembered the Flash Magic Erasers that we had stashed away in the cupboard and decided that it had to be worth a try. They claim to remove up to 100% of impossible stains and they’d worked really well when I’d used them in the past. However, I’d never tried them on permanent marker pen.

Magic Erasers are really easy to use, you simply wet them, squeeze out the excess water and scrub your stain. There’s other brands of Magic Eraser available other than Flash and I assume they all do pretty much the same job. So if you’ve stumbled upon this post via Google and you aren’t based in the UK, don’t worry, there will be similar Magic Eraser products available where you are.

To my surprise, the Flash Magic Erasers completely removed the permanent marker pen in just a few seconds! I was so relieved.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t panic! If you don’t have a Magic Eraser in the house, try anti bacterial hand sanitiser first as this may well do the trick. Failing that, head out and grab a Magic Eraser which will 100% get rid of the problem stain.

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Let me know if you try this and if it works for you!

Thank you for reading.