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moving house kids

Moving is complicated enough but when you add kids into the mix, it can become nightmarish. With all the work that goes into moving, you might not know how to make your kids feel better about the process. Here are some tips that will help you to make the moving process easier for your little ones…

Hold a Family Meeting

You should gather the whole family together and break the moving news to them as a unit. To keep the meeting from looking too formal, you could order their favourite foods then make your announcement. Be sure to let them know that you are willing to answer any questions that they have.

Start by sharing your feelings about the upcoming move to encourage them to do the same. When making big changes as a family, communication is very important.

Plan a Road Trip

If you are driving to a new city or area, you should plan an epic road trip to create wonderful memories. Make sure that you map out the sites that you would like to see along the way. If you have another vehicle, you should consider hiring an auto moving company to transport it for you. Just make sure that you get quotes from different moving companies and visit their websites for more information.

Ask for Their Help

When you involve your children in the process of selecting a new home, they will feel better about moving. Because kids are tech-savvy nowadays, you can ask for their help when hunting for apartments online. Once you narrow down your options, you can even view the house together.

Let Them Pack a Suitcase

If your kids are young, they can’t do much to help you with packing. However, you can always allow them to pack a suitcase of their favourite things – items that they do not want to leave behind. You can ask them to arrange their toys in the suitcase to keep them occupied while you pack everything else.

Host a Farewell Party

Whether you are moving across the country or just a few roads down, you should host a farewell party before leaving. This will give you and your kids an opportunity to say goodbye to friends and neighbours. Moreover, you can give your friends your new address so that they can visit you.

Allow Them to Decorate Their Rooms

When you give your kids a chance to redecorate their new rooms, they will love the new house more. Ask the little ones to pick the paint colour of their new rooms and let them choose their new bedspread. This will allow them to adapt to the new space much faster. Also, allowing them to put their creative stamp on the space will make the house feel like a home.

Explore the New Neighbourhood Together

If you want your moving experience to be stress-free, you should explore the new neighbourhood with your kids. You can scope out the best ice cream shops and playgrounds together. By the time you move, the new neighbourhood will feel familiar and your children will not feel intimidated by it.

Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

When you start unpacking at your new home, send your kids on a scavenger hunt. You should ask an adult to accompany them as they explore the new area.


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*Disclosure – This is a collaborative post*