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While it’s great for schools to be surrounded by trees, it’s really important that they are managed in the right way. The children will certainly benefit from being surrounded by trees but aside from the aesthetics of trees, they also pose a risk. As a result, it is important that tree safety is taken seriously.

What this means is that every school should take responsibility for trees, as this will ensure that any risk to pupils, parents, staff and visitors is reduced. The reality is that trees can become dangerous when they become too large, are diseased or suffer from damage and so, it is important that you take tree safety seriously by undertaking tree surveys in Essex.

With this in mind, what should schools do to minimise the risk?

Map Tree Locations

To ensure schools have a clear understanding of what trees they need to be responsible for, they should map each tree. This will ensure that they are clearly identified and can be managed easily as it will help to create condition reports and management plans in a timely manner while it will also help to prevent duplication and replication.

Assessing the Condition

The condition of a tree can change quickly as they can become damaged by the weather, or they can suffer from disease. Therefore, it is crucial that the condition of each tree is assessed via a regular survey. By undertaking regular surveys, it is possible to actively manage each tree and monitor any changes. A survey will consider the shape and size of the tree, look for damage and disease and determine whether there is any risk of it causing harm. Furthermore, it will also help to prevent unnecessary pruning or felling, ensuring that the health of the tree is maintained correctly.

Managing Trees

With children playing on the school grounds and the risk to the public, it is important that trees are managed correctly. Schools have a legal and moral obligation to manage each tree and in doing so, it makes it possible to take action where necessary. As a result, it becomes easier to determine when pruning is required and when canopy reduction is needed. Furthermore, a survey will help to provide recommendations that allow you to manage the tree accordingly, ensuring it remains safe.

Proactive Management

Schools should avoid accepting that each tree is safe and should take a proactive approach to ongoing management. Trees are considered an asset and so they should be checked regularly for damage or poor health. In fact, they should also be checked after a storm or bad weather as a tree could become a risk in just a matter of hours.

With the right management and correct approach, schools can ensure that each tree remains safe. There might be legal obligations that have to be met but trees that are managed correctly will help to give schools a smart appearance too. All of which helps to create a natural-looking environment that creates the right image.

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